Why Choose CMR Filling Tool Instead of a Free Generator?

The CMR waybill is one of the most critical documents in international road transportation across Europe. This document identifies the parties involved in the transit process and acts as proof of the nature and quantity of cargo. In the past, the CMR waybill was filled in paper format. Filling this document with a pen was the norm until the eCMR protocol was added to the CMR convention. The eCMR protocol allowed senders, receivers, and carriers to use electrical means to fill in the CMR waybill.

Why is CMR Filling Tool Better Than Free Generator?

Thanks to eCMR, the CMR waybill can now be filled online using a CMR filling tool like supercmr.com or a free CMR generator. In this article, we will be reviewing both tools. We will then discuss why you should go for a CMR filling tool in place of a free CMR generator.

Free CMR Generator: A Brief Description

A free CMR generator is, needless to say, better than paper consignment notes. This tool is accessed online in the form of a CMR document template. All you have to do is key in your information on the CMR generator then save the document as a PDF file. The free CMR generator creates your CMR waybill in four differently colored copies. One copy (red) is for the sender. The second copy (blue) goes to the receiver, while the third (green) stays with the carrier. The fourth copy is black, and it is for administrative purposes.

A free CMR generator enables you to fill out your information quickly, thus saving you time. Unlike paper consignment notes, you won’t have to fill in all four copies. This tool also allows you to be more accurate since the information you fill in one copy is the same in the other copies. The free CMR generator doesn’t, however, support e-signatures. To sign the CMR document, you have to save, print, then sign it with a ballpoint pen.

CMR Filling Tool: A Brief Description

When it comes to CMR tools and software, the CMR filling tool is arguably the crème de la crème. This tool has the features and benefits of the free CMR generator plus more. The CMR filling tool is like a central database that gives consignors, carriers, and consignees real-time access to CMR documents. This tool not only allows you to fill in the CMR waybill in minutes but also enables you to store the document in the cloud and share it with your team and other authorized parties.

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The CMR filling tool comes with a host of features like:

  • Cloud data storage: You can store and track all your CMR waybills in the cloud.
  • Data import and export: You can import data from external sources or export filled CMR documents to .pdf format.
  • Auto-numbering: automatically generates new CMR numbers to avoid using the same number in two or more documents.
  • Activity tracking: Keep track of who created or edited the CMR waybill and what time they did so.
  • Autosuggest: Fill in the CMR waybill faster with the autosuggest feature.
  • Custom branding: Add your logo to the CMR waybills.
  • e-signature: Some CMR filling tool providers have an e-signature feature that enables you to generate your signature using a computer.

The Bottom Line: Why Go For CMR Filling Tool Instead of Free Generator?

Both the CMR filling tool and free generator are great tools for filling out the CMR waybill. The CMR filling tool, however, gives you more control and functionality. This tool enables easy and real-time access to all CMR documents. It also allows you and other authorized parties to keep track of all the CMR documents in one database.