Video Content Creation Tips for More YouTube Views

Videos are robust content marketing mediums. These can tell a story, convey a message and have a major effect on the success of your content marketing efforts and promotional campaigns. You can use these for an effective communication with target audience / consumers and establish a deep and satisfying relationship between you and your targeted customers. In 2019, 80% of online consumer traffic came from video content. Videos were used by 87% internet marketers. Every year, the consumption of mobile videos increases by 100%. A successful video content strategy is, thus, useful for the growth of any business. Here are some tips to help you create effective videos to post and get more YouTube views.

Create short and simple videos

Nobody has the time and energy to go through videos that seem to take forever to make a point. As recommended by in their video expert roundups, they say to keep your video content simple and short, with the main points made as briefly as possible. For details, they can always visit your website (add the URL of your site in the video description) or check your social pages (add Facebook, Twitter, Instagram links etc). The best videos are those that are of the right length. You should use high definition cameras or at least, shoot the videos in high quality to make them comprehendible. if you want to do vloging then you have to use a good Camera Stabilizer.


Use a basic video SEO strategy

SEO is relevant for websites as well as blog posts. Use proper titles, and keep them short and informative. Remember that up to first 60 characters of the title will show up besides the videos on YouTube. You have to plan keywords in a similar way as any blog post. Make use of the YouTube keyword tool or the SE Ranking keyword tool to get relevant keywords. Add relevant keywords to the description and add a link to your site. Limit the length to only 70 characters on the YouTube platform, to let users know about the content of the videos.

  • Optimize for mobile screens
  • Add only links that are important for your business
  • Use proper tags with various keyword variations
  • Create superior and interesting thumbnails
  • Use a video sitemap

Clearly describe the content of your videos

You need to offer sufficient information about what your videos are about, so that users can easily find out whether or not they wish to watch what you have on offer. When you add a descriptive title and clear description, you can be more hopeful about getting more views for your YouTube videos. Write an informative and precise summary, informing how viewers will benefit when they watch the video. In case it is a story, highlight the main points.

Optimize the videos for conversions

After you encourage viewers to check your videos out, you have to make the most of their views and concentrate on conversions. You have to optimize the videos well to get the best conversions and revenues, and this can be done in the following steps:

  • Use a clear call to action message, suggesting what viewers should do next
  • Add share buttons and links
  • Determine the best posting time for video publishing
  • Offer incentives for watching / engaging with the videos you have made
  • Be creative content-wise
  • Provide viewers with more options (phone calls, text messages, emails etc)
  • Keep a ‘Thank You for Watching Our Video’ message at the end

Use social proofs

Using social media and focusing on YouTube video views can help in trust-building between you and your audience / customer base. You can get the chance to increase conversions. You may show comments, views, votes, likes etc from your social pages to show how other people find the content of your videos valuable and informative. A study revealed that half of all consumers find customer testimonial videos to be assistive for them. While offering products / services through videos, you may include case studies or video testimonials from friends, celebrities, experts or customers.

Engage with your viewers


This can help maximize the reach of your videos, and ensure the effectiveness of the same. Try asking about the opinions of viewers and answer the comments that they post beneath your videos on YouTube. In case you plan to run videos live, you will receive instant notifications when anybody leaves any comment or feedback beneath your videos. Give responses to as many people as possible, to let them understand that you are giving importance to their opinions.

The creation of high-performing YouTube videos takes efforts and time. However, when you have the proper video content plan and use some creativity, it can be easier for you to convey the messages of your choice. You can encourage others to watch your videos and make the kind of response that you desire. With time, it will not be difficult for you to create a few viral videos and get the maximum responses for your business.