Vape Basics: 4 Simple Steps to Get Started With This Popular Hobby

1 out of every 20 people in the United States vape. That number continues to grow year-over-year as more people discover the social and stress-busting benefits that vaping can bring to their lives.

Are you considering getting in on the vaping hobby? If so, you’re probably wondering what steps you should take first.

While there’s no set in stone path that you need to follow to start vaping, our vape basics tips below can help you get up and running in as streamlined a fashion as possible.

Step 1: Know Your Why

Why is it that you want to get into vaping?

Are you trying to transition off of cigarettes? Do your friends vape? Are you just looking for something to do?

Know Your Why

Knowing your “why” is important because you’re going to want to make sure that vaping is enhancing your life rather than hindering it.

Remember, vaping is not healthy. Neither are a lot of things that people do (drinking for example) but still, you’re definitely giving something up as a vape participant.

Ensure that you’re hopping into vaping for the right reasons to make sure that you’re getting enough in return to justify you foraying into this hobby.

Step 2: Pick Your Gear

There are a number of different vapes, eJuice’s and more out there that you can buy to create a unique experience for yourself.

Do you like smoking cigarettes? You might want to pick up eCigs then rather than a traditional box-style vape.

Do you like sweet stuff? You’ll probably want to scoop up fun flavored eJuices like Lucky Charms, peanut butter or similar flavors.

The sky is the limit when it comes to vape basics combinations so explore what’s out there and have fun.

Step 3: Find a Good Vape Shop

As a person who vapes, you’ll want to have a go-to place where you can pick up quality gear and eJuice at low prices. To find such a place, scour your local community to see what’s available.

Find a Good Vape Shop

You can also take to the web to learn how to find cheap, quality online vape shops.

Always do your best to vet shops that you’re buying from. Some might sell subpar eJuice that could prove to be extra-dangerous for consumption.

Step 4: Upgrade, Mod, and Meet New People

Now that you’re up and running with vape basics, you’ll want to focus on upgrading your existing gear, modifying it to your tastes and of course, meeting new people in the vaping community!

The people that you meet as a person who vapes are one of the most rewarding aspects of getting into vaping.

Upgrade, Mod, and Meet New People

Go to conventions, partake in events at local vape shops and get social!

Wrapping Up Simple Steps to Mastering Vape Basics

Mastering vape basics like understanding your why, picking the right gear and finding your community can set you up to enjoy maximum fulfillment while enjoying this fun hobby.

We wish you the best as you dive into the world of vaping and we welcome you to browse more of our diverse lifestyle content on our blog today!