Try Out These Innovative Ideas and Transform Your Kitchen Storage

The kitchen would be the most important part of any household. It is the only place where any person would keep or store his or her food items. Thus sanitation and cleanliness is an important aspect that every member of the house would have to think about. But sometimes, you would find a lack of storage space in your kitchen, which would lead to the cluttering of the kitchen utensils.

Effective kitchen interior design ideas might help you make some additional space in your kitchen that might have gone un-noticed under general conditions. You might think that you don’t have enough space in your kitchen, but from the outsider’s perspective, there would be lots of unused space in your kitchen. Here are some of the ideas that would not only increase the storage of the kitchen but would also add beauty points to your kitchen.

Wall-Mounted Pot Rack

One of the best ways to increase storage space in your kitchen would be to use a wall mounted rack for storing pots or other utensils. Kitchen walls are generally ignored as the potential storage place in the kitchen. If it is the wall on the side of the cabinet or on the upper side of the sink, installing a wall-mounted rack would increase the storage space of the kitchen.

Wall-Mounted Pot Rack

In the market, you would find several wall-mounted racks with various kinds of functionalities. Most of the racks would provide hooks to hang different kitchen utensils such as pots, or trays. The addition of the racks would make your kitchen more organized and clean thus making your kitchen more beautiful.

Use magnetic strips for knives

While organizing your kitchen, your knives would become the source of your headache. Knives are important in the kitchen as they are necessary while preparing food for your family. Without proper storage, knives would lose its sharp edge also it would be dangerous loved who come into the kitchen for food. One of the best ways to store your knives would be implementing a magnetic strip in your kitchen. Decide the place where you would put these magnetic strips while you are designing your kitchen design.

A magnetic strip just over the counter would allow you to store your kitchen knives in the proper manner. Your knives would not get cluttered and would also not lose its sharp edge. Your steel knives on the magnetic strip would increase the ambiance of your kitchen.

Use the space under your sink

Any modern kitchen would have a sink for washing dirty utensils from dinner or from lunch. But have you ever noticed the space under your sink? There you would be able to notice a huge chunk of space wasted for nothing. You could use this space for storing cleaning products, small or big glassware, and trash cans.

Use the space under your sink

For this purpose, you would have to install the shelf under your sink. In this storage shelf, you would be able to store cleaning pads, sponges, detergents and sprays. The absence of the cleaning materials would make your kitchen more beautiful and charming.

Full use of your pantry

Every kitchen would have a pantry for storing spices and other condiments. But we would not use every available space on the shelf. The shelves of the pantry cabinets are wide enough to hold more than a single pack of spice. Even the vertical gaps between the shelves are not used properly. For such purposes, installing spice racks that would be the best idea for your pantry cabinet. Most of the pantry rack would be three-tier, which would ensure the visibility of the spices on the racks.

Another option for maximizing the use of available space in the pantry would be the usage of small turntables. These turntables would hold frequently used things such as pepper, salts, or soy sauce. The user would just have to spin the table to get what he or she wanted to use. Installing these racks and turntables would increase the storage space in your kitchen and make it look more organized.

Use the space over the sink

The sink is one of the most important parts of the kitchen, which is necessary for cleaning the dirty utensils after every meal. In some of the household, the sink would be made extra large to accommodate a large number of dirty and the ease of cleaning them. But have you ever thought about utilizing the space above the sink? There are many dish drainer racks of different sizes available in the markets that would match the size of your sink.

Use the space over the sink

These racks are specially designed to store dishes, various utensils, and glassware over the sink after washing them. One would also leave the rack in the sink when it is not used for making storage space for extra dishes. Other than racks you could also use chopping boards over the sink to increase the size of your working station.

Adding more shelves

If all of your dish cabinets are filled with dishes and other utensils, then installing some floating shelves would be a great idea. You could add floating shelves on the sides of the cabinets to accommodate some of the dishes and other kitchen appliances. You could install additional shelves on the side of the cabinet counter for increasing the storage space in your kitchen.

If there is no available space on the side of the cabinet, then look for the bottom of the cabinet. We would generally ignore the bottom space of the cabinet, which could be converted into storage space for less frequent kitchen appliances. The homemaker could also store other items such as an old cookbook or emergency medical supplies needed for any kind of accident in the kitchen.

Thus, we could say that if every space is properly utilized in the kitchen then your kitchen would never get cluttered. There are many other innovative ideas that would be helpful in increasing the storage space in your kitchen. These innovative ideas would not only help you in organizing your kitchen but would also make your kitchen more beautiful. Therefore, discuss various ways of increasing the available storage space in your kitchen with your interior designer and then decided which idea you would implement in your kitchen.