Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Today the world is going crazy with the cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency have infiltrated many fields of work. Whether it is trade market, Crowd funding, businesses, etc, all the fields are related to cryptocurrencies in one way or another. And the best part of using the Cryptocurrencies in the business that Cryptocurrency transaction are lot faster and cheaper than fiat currency transfer.

Looking at how the Cryptocurrency marketing is growing, many new companies has established themselves as Cryptocurrency exchange providers.

Cryptocurrency transactions are well known for its privacy and secure transactions. The Cryptocurrency transactions are confirmed by the miner who verify the transaction and give consensus. Consensus is the proof of work that authenticates the transaction being legit.

If you will look around the market, you will find several platforms for the Cryptocurrency exchanges. libra method is one of such platforms that help the traders with Crypto exchanges. However, be very careful while choosing a platform because there are fake platform as well which looks like the original platforms but are fakes.

In this article, we will discuss on some of the trusted platform that used by experienced traders for their Crypto exchanges.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are those websites that facilitate of buying, selling and trading of the Cryptocurrencies. These platforms deal with all kind of cryptocurrencies and help the users and the traders with the Crypto exchanges.


Kraken is the most loved platform for the Cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders and investors from all over the world use Kraken for smooth Crypto exchanges. If you are new to the Cryptocurrency trading world, then going with the Kraken can really help you. Kraken teaches the new traders with step by step procedure to make them understand how Cryptocurrency works.


Kraken boasts about having the simplest platform supported by advanced features. It focuses on giving the best quality of work to the traders. It invests quite a lot in the safety and security of the Kraken database to ensure that all the data are safe from fraudulent activities.


If you want to be a part of the crypto exchange market, without disclosing your identify to the internet. Then Changelly is what you are looking for. With the help of the changelly, you can exchange your crypto assets with the other traders via email. In this kind of transaction, you are not even asked to show any kind identification proof.

Beside, this platform also has features that allow the traders and investors to do trades. Changelly have iOS and Android application, so you can do you crypto exchange with the help of you Smartphone as well.


Changenow is one of those platforms that help you with the crypto exchange with an account. That’s right; you don’t need any account in the ChangeNow to do Crypto exchanges. In addition, ChangeNow have no exchange limits like the other platforms. CahngeNow is very smooth with its transactions. On an average, every transaction is completed within 15 minutes. All the transactions are done by the Visa cards or Master cards.


ChangeNow is supported by automated AI; this AI comes with the best exchange rate for you. You just have to select the exchange you want from the suggestion. With Changenow, you can exchange more than 160 types of cryptocurrencies. the best part of this platform is that there are no hiddent costs and you are provided with 24×7 customer services.


The way Cryptocurrency is taking over the market; it is believed that Cryptocurrency might take over the traditional fiat currency. With that possibility I the mind, traders and investor are on full throttle with the Cryptocurrency trade.

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