Tips On How To Throw Your Own Engagement Party

Many couples celebrate their engagement with a party. While there are traditions behind how an engagement is announced, including which family hosts the engagement party, these days a lot of people are celebrating by throwing their own creative parties suited to their own preferences and temperaments.


Are you planning your own engagement party? Read on for tips and advice on how to make your engagement party all yours!

Why Throw Your Own?

There are a lot of reasons to throw your own engagement party. Perhaps you live in a different city from parents and other important relatives and need to have at least one celebration in their location. Maybe you want to have separate parties for friends and for relatives. For some, the engagement party is where the ring is presented, so planning for oneself is a matter of preserving the surprise.


When Should You Have It?

There is a balance to when it is appropriate to have an engagement party. If you have it too late, everyone will know already, but if you have it too soon, you won’t get to celebrate your engagement for yourself. Also, you certainly want the ring to be there! Many couples shop for the ring together, then complete the purchase later. The internet is causing more people to shop for engagement rings online, and they may also not have it right away. Of course, some people also choose to have a party specifically to pop the question. The timing ultimately depends on you and your partner, and both of your preferences.

What Can You Afford?

What kind of party you have will depend mainly on your budget. How much you can afford will influence how many people you can invite as well as what sort of venue you can reserve for the event. The trick is to balance the number of important guests with the cost of the venue. A large party is going to cost a lot, so you have to ask yourself how much you can really afford and adjust your expectations accordingly. If giving up the fancy venue to host a potluck picnic gets all your loved ones there, is it worth it? The choice is yours!

Who Should You Invite?

Is your engagement party an intimate affair for family only, or are close friends allowed? Or is it a big event for everyone? Separate engagement parties might have different tones, such as a formal gathering with family and a more casual gathering with friends and acquaintances. Your engagement party will also influence the wedding, as everyone you invite to your engagement party should likewise be invited to the big day. Aside from family, the most important people to ensure are invited are your future bridesmaids and ushers.


Where Should You Have It?

The venue (or lack thereof) can be determined by your preferences as well as your budget. Would you be uncomfortable in an outdoor setting like a picnic or a barbecue? Would you find something to eat on the menu of a fancy restaurant? Consider your guests, but more importantly, consider your personal taste and whether or not you can afford it. If you or your future spouse feel out of place with your choice of venue, change it to something more comfortable. Your guests might also influence your choice of venue, but don’t feel like you have to do something out of character to accommodate them. This is your time.

Planning an engagement party is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be difficult! All it takes is a little looking into how you and your future partner are willing to make the big announcement. No matter how you share and celebrate your exciting news, make sure you follow the above tips to have the best engagement party for you!