Tips For Selecting a Wedding Ring That Matches Your Wedding Dress

If ever there was a day when a woman wants to look spectacular, it would be her wedding day, and for many brides-to-be, matching their jewellery with their wedding dress is a popular thing. While mixing has become a fashion, matching your wedding ring with your wedding gown is something that can easily be achieved by enlisting the help of a custom jeweller.

  • Choosing The Wedding Gown First – This is the best solution, and it is much easier to match the ring with an existing wedding dress than the other way around. As you are planning to match the wedding ring with the dress, look for a simple design, which will be easier to accessorise with the right jewellery. A simple, white wedding gown can be perfectly complemented with diamond earrings, necklace, and of course, the diamond wedding ring.

Choosing The Wedding Gown First

  • Keeping The Wedding Dress Simple – This will ensure that the wedding ring doesn’t outshine the gown, and you could always talk to a custom jeweller prior to buying your wedding gown, which might help the jeweller to come up with the right design. A floral addition would also work, as the jeweller can create a flower petal-shaped ring that has pink diamonds inserted, or any other colour you prefer.
  • Go With Colourless Diamonds – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, of that there is no doubt, and with a white wedding dress, colourless diamonds make for the perfect choice. Once you see the selection at, you will have an extensive catalogue of ready-made diamond engagement rings, and if you prefer, you can have the ring custom designed to match perfectly with the wedding dress.
  • Consider Coloured Diamonds That Match The Shade Of The Gown – You might have chosen pink or an off-white wedding gown, and by choosing coloured diamonds (or other stones) you can create a unique contrast. The online jewellery store would have a greater selection of coloured stones, and once you have found what you’re looking for, the custom jeweller can work his magic.

Consider Coloured Diamonds That Match The Shade Of The Gown

  • Source An Established Custom Jeweller – The Internet can help you make contact with a local online custom jeweller, who can help you design the perfect wedding ring that doesn’t outshine the dress, which is important. Once the ring designer has seen an image of the wedding gown, he can begin to make suggestions for a suitable design, and once that has been approved, he can get to work on making the ideal wedding ring that looks like it is part of a bridal set.

Matching the wedding ring with the wedding gown is much easier if you use a custom jeweller, and with his help, your ring and gown will look like they were made for each other. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection, and with an online search, you can locate a nearby custom jeweller who would have experience in creating wedding rings that match the gown.

If you need a little inspiration, there are many images to be found online, and a short time searching is bound to bring a result.