The Omega Speedmaster 1st Omega Watch In Space

In the early 1960s, an astronaut Walter M. a.k.a. “Wally” Schirra was blasted into orbit over Atlas Rocket as a successful mission, with 6 orbits accomplished. The Cuban Missile Crises started in the same month, and nuclear war depression drove everything else off the news.

Omega Speedmaster lovers remember this event for a particular reason i.e., the first journey of Omega Speedmaster watches in the space. Mercury-Atlas 8 carried Schirra, and his Omega Speedmaster watches into orbit. While the model CK2998 wouldn’t finally become the 1st ever model flight-qualified, first is first and known as 1st Omega watch in Space, based on CK2998 improved to modern models in FOIS, launched in the year 2012 and carefully examined by Ben Clymer and didn’t find it needing.

The latest models of the 1st Omega in space will be sold at an unusual venue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the gift shops of grey eminence as well as the pride of upper Fifth Avenue. The launch will coincide with Omega-sponsored exhibition opening, Apollo’s Muse: Moon In The Age Of Photography that opens this July. The Omega states that the audience can view above 170 images and a series of related prints, drawings, films, paintings, astronomical cameras and instruments used by Apollo 11 astronauts in that exhibition that looks at visual representation of Moon, from past to present.
No doubt there are some distinguishing features on this latest edition. The most significant difference between it and usual production 1st Omega in the Space is perhaps the case that additionally nods to the Mercury-Atlas 8, and usual First Omega in the space also features “The Met” and no. of the watch.

The Met edition comes in a packaging which is Met-specific and on white and red strap. If you like basic First Omega in the Space, there isn’t any particular reason to dislike such model, and it appears likely there are only a few numbers of buyers at Met Gift shop.

You may also buy your First Omega in Space at any Met gift shop. Anyway, if you like to look at Moon art, and then you want to purchase Moonwatch you can visit to the Met and check the exhibition and do not forget to exit the shop.

Buying A Vintage Omega Speedmaster

Vintage Omega Speedmaster

Regardless of the prices having hiked up recently, still you can buy a vintage Speedmaster for shockingly reasonable prices. It just needs patience and searching, but you can easily buy one in a couple of thousands. You can also get a model 145.022 for 2 to 3,000 if you purchase head on only without the bracelet. Experts even advice to look at Speedmasters manufactured in 80s and 90s for a good bargain. You will have the same dial and case design as the 70s iteration at the lowest price tag.

The other advantage is these models will come with papers and boxes that means you know you are not purchasing a fake. In order to avoid buying fake, try to perform thorough research about your seller. However, another simple way is to look at its sub-dials. If the gap between must be minimal, then it is an original one, and if the gap is much larger, then it is a fake and they will have a wrong movement in. If you are still in doubts contact to one of the many Forums about Omega Speedmaster where you will find someone who can help you.