The Common Variety of CBD Terpenes That You Should Know

CBD is primarily derived from marijuana or hemp plant. Apart from CBD, which is very potent and popular, these plants also have other compounds and hydrocarbons referred to as terpenes. Unlike cannabinoids, these compounds produce aroma and flavor, hence crucial in the making of full-spectrum CBD oil. According to researchers, these compounds play a role in the potency of various CBD products.

Before looking at the different varieties of CBD terpenes, it is worth mentioning how they work so that both novices and seasoned CBD users might get some insights.

What Are Terpenes?

What Are Terpenes

Their scientific molecular structure is C5H8. They start to dominate the hemp plant when it starts to mature by producing a distinctive aroma. Experts can already differentiate them just by the scent that they produce. As shocking as it is, there are over 140 different types of these compounds, which makes it practically impossible for hemp to have a standard scent. However, you will always find them categorized in a broad category that consists of spicy, bitter, sweet, and sour. As you break these categories down, you will get to know more about the specific flavors that are named after the natural scents they resemble such as nuts, fruits, flowers, and spices.

Terpenes have some benefits just like CBD and THC. They go beyond giving cannabis products their flavors and scents. According to research, terpenes also interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to improve health.

Prevalent Types of Terpenes

If you want to enjoy terpenes in the hemp plant, especially the flower buds, it is prudent to know what is on the top list. The list below is not exhaustive, but it contains the most prevalent terpenes.

Prevalent Types of Terpenes

  • Beta-Caryophyllene, the spicy scent – This terpene is known for its spicy flavor and scent. It is one of the most popular terpenes in most hemp CBD today. So, if you would like your CBD products to have woody, cinnamon, or black pepper aroma, look for this terpene in the product specifications.
  • Linalool, the lazy lavender – As the name suggests, this terpene gives a sedative effect when used. Hence, CBD that contains this compound is best for promoting relaxation and sleep.
  • Limonene, the energizer – This fruity terpene has citrus scent and flavor. If fatigue has been taking a toll on you, CBD oil, hemp flowers, or cannabis products with limonene are the best option. It also boosts your mood by triggering the production of serotonin in the brain.
  • Humulene, the anti-everything – This terpene is a great anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant. CBD oil with this terpene is also used as an anti-bacterial in many instances. To identify this, look for a combination of malt and hops notes in the products.


There might be many other types of terpenes around the world. The type of climate and soil often determine the notes and properties. The four mentioned above are prevalent and very effective. You can also research more to understand others and how they are helpful when used.