The Basics of Decorating your Bedroom

Despite the bedroom being the place where we will spend over a third of our lives, people rarely consider the bedroom in their design and remodeling plans. This could be because it is not the first thing you or visitors will see when they enter the home or a place for any large gatherings, only the more intimate ones. As a result, more often than not the bedroom becomes the final repository for the relics of college years and other hand-me-downs.

As the hallowed sanctuary of rest and relaxation it is important that the bedroom is a place you love and love to spend time in. To help make your bedroom the ultimate sanctuary of mental and physical rest, here are some tips we have compiled to help you achieve the results you really want without a hefty investment of time and money.

1. Switch it up

One of the most cost-effective ways to breathe new life into your bedroom is to change the layout of the furniture and bed orientation. This will only take a couple hours tops and is a fun and creative way to adjust the dynamics of the bedroom. You can take a chance to reconsider the elements of your room as well. Whatever can be moved out will improve the spaciousness of the room. Simply choosing a new position for the bed is a good way to start and the rest of the room can be wrapped around this.  Make sure that you decorate with some beautiful items that show off your personality, take a look at these Voyage Maison glass vases to add a pop of colour with some fresh flowers to your bedroom.

2. Change your throw pillow and bedding


The bed itself is the focal point and largest element in the room. Therefore, you can change the entire look of the room by simply changing the throw pillows and duvet. Choosing a new color scheme will allow you to play with the room’s atmosphere. You can make things light and breezy with lighter colors in the summer. Make the room feel warm and cozy by breaking out the heavier woolen blankets in the winter. Never be afraid to try out a pattern.

3. Lighting

Lighting is a key element in the room and should be considered at every point. Lighting is especially important for building a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. To create a greater impact, look to the bedside lamps. Just changing these small elements of your room can change the tones and styles dramatically. Consider changing the free-standing lamps for wall mounted sconces. Perfect for those who enjoy reading in bed.

4. Paint


Paint is a perfect low-cost addition to changing the entire look of the house. You can choose from moody tones that are darker and richer to happier exciting tones that are lighter or even flamboyant. Paint can also be applied to that older piece of furniture to completely transform it to match the style you are trying to achieve. Sand down the dresser and get some tips for stripping the bedside table. It is a terrific treat to wake up to a brand-new look.

5. Think about your floor

Much in the same way as changing your duvet will greatly impact the style of the room, the floor is another place where small additions and adjustments can make a big difference. Creative patterns is a fun way to start. Thick shag carpets add an especially cozy feel to the room and can pull the style of the room together. Throw rugs of different shapes and sizes are another stylish way to feel relaxed underfoot.

6. Storage

Bedrooms should define quiet, serenity and relaxation in every way. This means that smart storage ideas should be applied to keeping things neat and tidy. Look for closet organizers, desk storage bins, large plastic storage bins and other smart storage ideas that can keep your personal belongings from getting left out, lost or broken. You could even extend your storage space by renting a self storage facility especially if you want to get rid of big furniture!

7. Walls

Of course, never forget the walls. Painting or wallpapering the walls as well as choosing wall art can have an instant impact on the styles and décor you are trying to achieve. Art is a reflection of your personal tastes and passions and should be properly displayed. Consider creating a gallery where your special mementos, snapshots, postcards and more are neatly displayed. Select a consistent theme with your frames which can be classic black or ornate gold. Adding ledges is another good idea and inexpensive way to display your art.

8. Get Professional Help

Finally, getting the look just right can be a trick and some people can benefit from an expert opinion. Furthermore, it can be hard to come up with a cost-effective plan that will have the greatest impact. One good idea is to work with a decorist designer online. They can help you choose a plan to decorate your room within the design and budget parameters you have set out. The designers at [company] have extensive experience and the imagination and creativity to come up with the perfect room set up for you. Best of all they can help you make your budget go the extra mile.