Six Ways of Organizing a Lifestyle Event

Lifestyle exhibitions can be anything from a brand launch to an exhibition. When planning a lifestyle event, you want it to be engaging and memorable. You should expect an influx of guests and product enthusiasts to RSVP to sign up for the get-together party.

A successful event is a major confidence booster and gives you the publicity you need to take off as a manager and a business professional. So, if you feel pressured and overwhelmed to execute the perfect event, don’t be.

The secret to any popular function lies in the details; with the proper checklist, you will come through. Generally, you may deal with more than one vendor and a collection of stalls when organizing a lifestyle event. Dealing with guests, ensuring everyone is comfortable, and staying on schedule can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

That said, here are six ways of organizing a successful lifestyle event.

1. Make Sure You Arrange For Passes

Your guests will need special passes to enter the event. These tickets need information on the event, and timing, with unique identification numbers that confirm your invite’s authenticity. So when you are designing a pass, make sure you have a layout in mind.

An event pass needs all the necessary information about your function, timings, and location. You must also have adequate space to mention the sponsors, brands, and names of the designers participating. Hence, investing in a high-end tour ticket will serve your best interest.

Similarly, if your event will run through several days before concluding, the ticket must also cover those dates. Consequently, it would help if you had quality printouts and ticket passes. An excellent tip would be to order tour laminates online after deciding on the number of tickets you need in exchange for a reasonable cost.

2. Have An Event Outline

An outline is a blueprint according to which your event will run. Think of it as a flow chart showing how your function will run from the start to the end. Hence, details like stall placement, security personnel, an emergency exists, itinerary list, and the expected number of guests go on this outline. You should also mention the approximate budget you will be working with and how many of the current expenses align with what you have in mind.

Putting your thoughts on paper allows you to visualize your concept in real time and tighten any loose ends. It also helps you refine the venue, set up decorations, adjust the lighting, and have a mock rehearsal before the event. This ensures that every task on your list is happening on time.

In a nutshell, your outline should have information on the refreshments you will provide, the entertainment in place, the insurance you have signed up for, and the staff hired to help you out. Also, have a backup plan if you encounter a mishap like faulty equipment or a brand ambassador who can’t attend your event.

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3. Market The Function

The success of your event depends on the guests attending. Apart from having VIP personnel, it would help to have the target audience participate in this function. This is where your marketing strategy comes into play. Use your social media skills, such as sharing posts on your Facebook page, making footage of the venue behind the scenes, allowing celebrities to talk about the event, and memorable mainstream hashtags.

Furthermore, email those guests on your subscription list with marketable taglines and images and send gift bags to entice your targeted consumers to attend.

4. Arrange for the Staff and Book Reliable Suppliers

You need an adequate supply of staff to help you manage your event. These can be anyone from event managers, sound experts, and ushers to solid social media and marketing experts. However, assembling your team takes time. You can work with a specific agency or float descriptions of the professionals you need.

Make sure the people you choose to have experience working long hours, know how to guide guests, and carry out any responsibility you delegate without qualms. Since this is an extensive process, try shortlisting your staff at least two weeks before the event.

As a result, you will get sufficient time to brief the workers, answer their questions and prepare for the work ahead. Likewise, you need suppliers such as those who will provide you with decorations and food and set up your venue for the function.

Go for professionals that come highly recommended with stellar reviews on their webpage. You should also research the kind of items they provide and the overall cost of booking these experts. Certain suppliers also offer bulk deals and discounts. Before you seal the deal, look into those too.

5. Invite Speakers and Sponsorships

Sponsors are a pivotal part of any lifestyle event. These corporate professionals provide branding, funding, and access to an audience that is valuable for your function. When you ask sponsors to attend your event, showcase how your interests align with theirs.

This is also a chance to exhibit your talent, skills, and dedication to your cause. Similarly, asking speakers to participate in your event makes the function highly illustrious.

These experts are mostly trial blazers in their sector, such as academics, activists, and even policymakers who can make a difference to your state. Have a meeting with all your guest speakers and discuss the event’s purpose, so they can clearly understand the initiative they represent.

You may also want to shoot a reminder two days before the event. Don’t forget to invite backup guests and speakers instead of depending on selective members.

6. Go Green

At the end of every event, expect the area to get riddled with trash. Encourage your staff to stay behind, help you bag the garbage, and sort out items that need recycling. It is a common courtesy to clean up after yourself, so don’t leave this waste behind unattended. Moreover, avoid using plastic products and opt for glass and paper instead.

These can get recycled and don’t clutter dumpsites that contribute to greenhouse gases and climate change. If you want to give presents and goodie bags, use tote and cloth bags as they are environmentally friendly. Distribute beverages in paper cups or metallic glasses with reusable straws that your guests can also take home.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with an event from scratch is hard work. You have to plan every inch of your occasion to ensure there are no mishaps or mistakes when you are ready to greet your guests. Some logistics that require your attention include designing high-quality passes, marketing the show, and generalizing how you want the event to play out.

At the same time, you will also have to strive hard to find expert and professional staff to help you out. Additionally, reach out to the guest speakers and sponsors you want to highlight your function. Finally, pay special attention to cleanliness and recycling garbage while actively avoiding plastics.