Revamp Your Style This Summer

If you’re like many people, you’re excited to put away those winter jackets and bring out your summer wardrobe. Nothing feels better than slipping into a light summer dress and a pair of sandals in the morning.

However, you might also be looking for a change. Have you been wearing the same pair of shorts over the last few years?Were they once white, and nowthey’re a strange shade of grey because of how much they’ve been worn?Perhaps it’s time for a personal style update. People tend to feel more confident in clothing that makes them feel good.

You can bring a whole new level of style to your wardrobe and your state of mindjust by adding accents and accessories that you may already have at home.

Refresh your summer attire with these style tips.

Delicate Knits

You’ve probably been in this situation once or twice: out all day enjoying the summer sun, and when evening falls, you’re left cold and shivering throughout dinner because you didn’t bring a shawl or a light sweater. Avoid those unpleasant and uncomfortable scenarios by knitting with patons yarn — a brand that provides the most delicate yarns for your summer garments.

Delicate Knits

The brand offers Grace Yarn, which is light and ultra-soft. A summer scarf or shawl made of this material would be perfect for those summer evenings because you’ll stay stylish and fresh without overheating.

Find the right yarn companythat provides all the essential tools and unique patterns that are easy to follow online. Even if you’re not a highly experienced sewer, knitting a light shawl or sweater can turn into your personal summer project. You won’t have to spend unnecessary money on clothes, and you’ll feel so proud that you made such a beautiful piece all on your own.

An Oversized Cotton or Linen Shirt

When it’s just a little too hot for your delicate knit shawl, find your cotton or linen button-down shirt instead. There might be one lying at the bottom of your dresser drawer or at the back of the closet — a shirt that’s a little too big for you but is still in good shape.

Cotton and linen are both excellent fabrics for the summer as they’re light and allow your body to breathe easily. A long-sleeve, button-down shirt is the perfect accessory to go over a simple outfit such as shorts and a tank top or a sleeveless dress. A crisp white shirt is always a dependable choice, but you can also dress an outfit up with one that has a fun print or bright colours.

Big Earrings

Make a statement with big earrings — they’ll turn an ordinary outfit into an exceptional one. Look for big, bold colours, exciting shapes, and unusual materials.

Big Earrings

To truly stand out from the crowd, find big earrings made of wood, ceramic, and even yarn. Take a look through your junk jewelry drawer, or browse through your local accessory shop.

This summer, boost your mood and personal style by addingthese versatile pieces to your wardrobe. Find your knitting bag and dig through your closet — you’ll be surprised at what materials you might already have!