Reloaded: Five Things You Need to Know About SlotV’s New Design

2021 has already become a memorable year in the world of marketing due to the design changes that many well-known companies have presented.

Burger King, BMW, Pfizer, and Cadbury – all these brands have shown us their new appearances and, to be honest, we are genuinely impressed with their fresh styles.

The look is a pivotal part of every brand because, as they said, you can make the first impression only once. That’s why companies work hard on their logo and general design. 

They also understand that it is necessary to be unique and flexible to maintain the interest of the audience and to attract the attention of new people. The times are changing. The people’s tastes change, too.

This rule is also applicable to the world of entertaining online platforms.

This year, online casino SlotV has brought our attention with an unexpected redesign.

On March 18, the company presented its new logo and the website’s design.

We want to acknowledge that this is the first massive change that the platform has made in four years of existence, so we decided to find out more about this event’s reasons.

Why the casino did that?

This year SlotV celebrates its fourth anniversary – a serious date for every online platform.

The people who stand behind the company’s success understood that things that were innovative for 2017 don’t work in 2021, and they decided to make their product more classy, modern, and user-friendly.

online casino1

They have been working for two years on their product’s new appearance, and they say that satisfied with their work.

“Everything has become simpler and clearer, with the emphasis on the crucial parts of our website. We wanted to decrease the amount of “visual noise” so the players won’t be distracted and can focus on the things that are important for them, and we did that,” said the team leader of the project.

Now the website looks more up to time and comfortable for use. 

A new comet in the online casino universe

The first thing that catches our attention is the new logo – a comet in the form of a casino chip that rises up to the sky. We think it is a perfect reference to the main idea of the platform – space.

The colors are also changed. The company more emphasizes red, white, grey, and space blue – you can find it on the website’s header. By the way, the header, footer, and menu have also changed!

Why has red become the primary color of the logo?

As one of the designers told us, “red is bold and adventurous,” and that’s how SlotV wants to portray itself.

What about the mascots – Victor and Winner?

They didn’t disappear, but they were also slightly redesigned for better.

Fast, but not furious

What the first association that comes to mind when we are talking about comets?

Speed, exactly! Now everything is working faster and smoother – faster browsing, faster downloads, and, most importantly, faster withdrawals.

All the main icons are now located under the website’s header, so the users don’t have to search for them. It’s pretty comfortable for the beginners who came to play slots online for the first time and don’t know where to start. The user-friendly desktop helps them in this issue.

It is also worth mentioning that these changes have been done for the mobile version of the website. It works as well as a version for personal computers, so users of mobile devices can check it out right now and share their opinions on it.

The team responsible for redesign says that they haven’t received any bad reviews from the players about SlotV’s new style yet – not from desktop users or mobile users.

A new status system

Another significant improvement of SlotV is the new status system for players. Now it is built not on a deposit basis but the user’s progress. If you’re developing your skills in slots, you can receive a present in your account, not just a gift in a promo. 

online casino2

Talking about personal accounts, from now on, it is also easier to transit to limits in your profile.

By the way, the progress is partitioned into “phases,” so it is more interesting to monitor your development.

What’s up next?

The first step is done, but the team is not going to stop on that.

Now they are providing the A/B test of the lower panel of the website.

Efforts are underway to create a more detailed search system so that players could find their favorite slots faster and easier.

There are also thoughts about a mobile app, but the team emphasizes that this is a goal for the future, so let’s not expecting that soon.

Our verdict

The redesign of SlotV made it cleaner, faster, optimized, and user-friendly, and this is a massive development for the brand, in our opinion.

We’re going to keep monitoring the platform to see how it will develop in the nearest future.

We hope that SlotV’s designers will provide all the ideas they have in their beautiful minds, so we wish them good luck!