Online Marriage Counseling Should Not Be Free: Why?

With the arrival of digital technology, we have seen a steady rise in many companies and platforms that have switched over to an online medium. One example of a major online service provider these days is online therapy or online counseling. And since you can access many things like books, magazines, movies, etc. for free through online means, people also automatically assume that since the therapy is being provided online, it should also be free. More than just assuming, some people also blatantly demand free online marriage counseling, however, if you’re looking for quality marriage counseling, it should never be free. In this article, we will try to explain how therapy works and why it shouldn’t be free.

How does online marriage counseling work?

online marriage counseling work

Unlike individual one-on-one therapy sessions, marriage therapy often involves two individuals who have significant differences in opinion. And the reason why they are seeking therapy would be because they are struggling with a lot of issues in their relationship. So, in this case, the counselor or therapist isn’t looking for solutions for just one person, but for two different people and the solution they provide also needs to satisfy each of these two individuals. Well, this is an extremely difficult task. The aim here is to bring these two people together in union, and not create further distance between them.

Along with all of this, therapy isn’t just something you go to for a couple of weeks and then stop because therapy cannot automatically improve your situation and solve all of your problems. No, this is not at all true. Therapy requires a lot of time and involves healing from trauma, and especially when it involves two individuals, the process of healing takes further time and can become further complicated. Therapy therefore is about the emotional investment of the therapist as well. They invest their time into it just as much their patients do, and what benefit do they get? Of course this would come in the form of their salary and this is one of the primary reasons why marriage counseling is not free. 

Many popular online firms like ReGain have a wide variety of licensed professionals who are ready to help you with any relationship problem you are currently dealing with. To sign-up for ReGain, you start with a quiz which is a huge advantage since you can understand if the therapy you are being offered suits your needs or not.

Benefits of online marriage counseling

Benefits of online marriage counseling

Some of the prevailed benefits of online marriage counseling are as follows. Since it is being availed online and you can schedule your appointment at your own time and pace, it’s a really convenient mode of therapy where you can also choose how you want the counseling session to be such as through text, chat, email, video conferencing sessions, etc. Even if you are at a distant or remote location, you can get therapy, all you need is a stable internet connection and a mobile or laptop. These are some obvious advantages of therapy and you can know more when you visit websites of popular firms.