New Jersey Wedding Venue Based on Your Astrological Element

You can find New Jersey in the northeast of the United States. It houses the infamous Atlantic City, which brings in over 20 million visitors a year. But that is to be expected – the state’s location in-between two bustling metropolis means that it rarely gets to sleep as well. And the city named after the Atlantic Ocean has an exciting nightlife culture that is a stepping stone to the wilder Las Vegas.

Amid the busy state that knows tremendous fun, couples are hustling through wedding plans every day of the year. It seems that 2019 was never short on weddings. The year has seen everything from Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney’s exotic wedding at an estate inspired by Louis XIII’s hunting lodge to The Rock and Lauren Hashian’s fresh and fun outdoor Hawaiian wedding.

There is so much inspiration to draw for your special day. And speaking of wedding locations, the New Jersey wedding venues are not about to lose to enchanting celebrity choices. There are so many things to consider when picking out a venue, but here is a fun guide on the perfect place to hold your wedding based on your astrological element.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Vibrant, energetic, and curious, you love exerting leadership and making use of your organizational skills to plan things precisely according to the way you want them. You might clash with an inexperienced wedding planner, so choose one who is attentive and knowledgeable in the field. They will help make up for the technical wedding know-how that you might lack as a first-time bride or groom.

Your ideal wedding venue is adventurous and vivid, with an exotic view and a reception area accompanied by sunlight. There are so many New Jersey wedding venues that fit that criterion but start your search with the Crystal Springs Resort. With an almost fantastical view that features mountains, lush gardens, and a bird sanctuary, the place will appease your penchant for nature.

An outdoor garden wedding among beautifully-curated landscapes will make the flame behind your vows last beyond forever.

Fire Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

A natural visionary and a dreamer at heart, you long for a wedding that is like no other. You are unafraid about things outside of the box, and you love to spend time in places with as much depth as your thoughts. As a result, you will enjoy a wedding venue thoughtfully put together.

A wedding planner may be a great partner who can turn your visions into reality. As a child of the air, you will love seeing the sky as you walk down the aisle. A beach wedding might be at the top of your mind, and with over 127 miles of beaches in New Jersey, it is a no brainer that this venue option might be for you.

But here is a good idea — consider a grandiose garden like The Rockleigh, which almost seems like somebody took it from a European storybook. The bright outdoors adorned with gorgeous Greek-like arches will be beautiful witnesses to your vows.

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Reliable, organized, and stubborn; your affinity for the earth makes you practical and simple. You do not want anything too grandiose or overbearing. Instead, a traditional and down-to-earth venue will suit your personality best.

No matter how big or small your budget is, you are good at making the most out of anything. A wedding planner might suggest things outside your rigid preferences, but they may pry you a little out of your comfort zone for a tinge of excitement on your wedding day.

It seems that New Jersey wedding venues are getting more and more extravagant, but you will enjoy a family-style, rustic, and simple place where you can exchange vows with your fiancé along with close family and friends. Start your search at Il Villaggio, which features a brown palette and aged paintings that will keep your wedding grounded within you forever.

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Intuitive, mysterious, and emotional, you will enjoy a romantic wedding under the moonlight. An outdoor ceremony surrounded by trees that close in and hang low will create the illusion of intimacy that you so crave.

You do not care too much about the details of your wedding, but you do want it to be something that you will enjoy. A wedding planner will help translate your thoughts into a peaceful day when your emotions are at a perfect balance.

Start your search at The Estate at Florentine Garden, which shines beautifully under the light of the moon. But if you prefer celebrating during the day, then the lush greens will welcome you regardless.