Lowell Farms & Cannabis Delivery Across California

Lowell Farms is a California company that started growing marijuana when the state legalized it. There are multiple ways they sell marijuana smokes, flowers, and CBD. They can be bought on their website or in 350 stores across California. They offer a cannabis delivery service. They will also open Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe on September 24. This is an upscale restaurant where people can smoke marijuana while enjoying a meal and drinks.

Before marijuana was legalized, getting hold of it involved dealing with shady people, “speaking in code,” and having to meet up at suspect places. Now it’s as simple as going to the Lowell Farms website and setting up a cannabis delivery. They deliver all over California. People that don’t live in California can still buy from their CBD shop. CBD (Cannabidiol) is consumed for its therapeutic effect. It doesn’t get anybody high. It is used for depression, anxiety, stress, sleep, addiction, and pain & inflammation reduction.

Lowell Farms is an organic farm that doesn’t use pesticides on their crops. Also socially responsible, it pays its farmers a living wage. Their products are of high quality and natural. UrbanDaddy called it “California’s best responsibility farmed organic weed.” Maxim praised it for using organic fertilizer, ending their review with “Good God it’s good!”

They offer packs of smokes and single smokes. The THC in their marijuana ranges from 17% to 29%. Among their brands are The Dreamer Indica, The Soothing Hybrid, and The Happy Hybrid. They offer two farm fresh flowers which are White Mango and Chocolate Truffle. In part by offering cannabis delivery, Lowell Farms is the #1 manufacturer of pre-rolls in California.

Cannabis Across California

While anyone in California can enjoy Lowell Farms weed via cannabis delivery, people who live near West Hollywood are in for a special treat. This is the home of Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe. The cafe is getting its finishing touches so it can open on September 24. While it’s a place where people can enjoy smoking weed, they welcome non-smokers as well. It is the first cannabis restaurant to open in America.

There are three sections. There is a 1,600 sq ft cafe where people can order food and non-alcoholic drinks. Smoking weed in this area isn’t allowed. There’s an indoor 2,5000 sq ft lounge where people get to enjoy Lowell Farms marijuana. There is a 1,800 sq ft outdoor space where guests can also smoke weed. This area has a “Dab Bar” where the strongest strains of marijuana are sold.

Lowell Farms hired the famous chef Andrea Drummer as their executive chef. The menu was designed to complement the heightened senses gained from smoking cannabis. She crafted the menu, drinks, and desserts. She will be serving a lean California gastropub-type menu. One of the dishes is a fried chicken sandwich that has a slaw made from kale and Brussel sprouts. The drinks include a mocktail called The Momilani. This is a lychee spritz that has an orchid garnished on it.

Kevin Brady, the director of the cafe, said that it took four years to launch this business. The goal is to have marijuana seen in the same light that alcohol enjoys. The team at Lowell Farms were instrumental in getting marijuana legalization passed in California. Now that it’s legal to sell, the next step is to create a safe, upscale, communal space where people can smoke weed without stigma. Their business license was unanimously approved by the West Hollywood Business License Commission.