Is Family Counseling Really Helpful?

All societies function around one central thing, which is family. Human bonds are made and broken around the family. Family is integral to the survival of humans. This is because humans may be able to survive without food or water for a few days, but without connections or attachments to people, they are only existing, not living. This is why the value and importance of family have been so highly regarded and will still continue to be so.

But even though people may look happy and joyful on the outside, they may be having lots of internal struggles with themselves that won’t be visible on the exterior since most people hide it and do not want to show off their weaknesses. Families are just like that too. On the exterior, everything may seem perfect. But inside, a lot of families may be breaking down, and people may be distancing themselves from the rest of the family members. This is where the importance of family counseling comes in. Click here to read this article about the importance of family, and why you should seek family counseling when it is being torn apart.

Reasons why families break down

Family therapy

There are a lot of factors that cause your family to break down. If you can relate to any of the following problems in your family, then maybe it’s time you went for a family counseling session.

When there are unhealthy relationships between family members/spouses/siblings

In dysfunctional families, just one or two members are enough to wreak havoc on all of the other nonaffected members too. This is why even if one family member is facing a problem, everyone else should come together to help them overcome it. Some common examples include teenagers suffering from bullying at school, in which case the children can be victims of body shaming. Another example could be a family member with serious mental health issues or another family member who has a drug addiction. No matter what it is, come together to help each other.

When parents are divorced, and children are torn between both parents

Psychologist explaining situation to family at session

The divorce of parents can significantly affect the children, especially when they are in their younger years and don’t quite have the emotional capability to process the reasons that went behind the divorce.

When one or more members of the family are abusive

Abuse is never justified, no matter what the context is. And there is no justification for violence as well, especially in families. The world may be a dangerous place, but every person’s safe haven is their family. And if this family turns out to be an abusive one, it can really affect the mental health of a person and drive them into issues like depression, anxiety, etc.

Similarly, a lot of issues like this can rip your family apart. This is why you should seek help with family counseling, where professional therapists can help to solve your issues and lead you to have better relationships with all the family members.