How To Repair a Split Intake Rubber Tube With Glue

If you’re looking for a quick and easy replacement for your intake rubber tube, then this article is perfect for you! In this blog post we will discuss how to repair a split intake rubber tube with glue. We will go over the steps, as well as what supplies are needed to complete the task.

Tools You Need

  • Super Glue
  • Caulking tool
  • Lacquer Thinner
  • UV Protectant Spray

Steps to Repair a Split Intake Rubber Tube with glue

Step #1

It is best to remove the old sealant off your intake rubber tube before applying new silicone glue. This will ensure a strong bond between the two surfaces and allow for maximum efficiency while driving. To do this, use some lacquer thinner on an old rag, or something similar that you won’t mind getting messy with chemicals from the solvent. The product can dissolve most types of paint so be sure not to touch any painted areas near where you’re working! After allowing time for the chemical to soak in (you may need more depending on how much residue there is), begin scrubbing gently using coarse-grade sandpaper until all residue has been removed from both pieces of tubing. Once complete, wipe down one last time with a clean rag to ensure no dirt or other contaminates remain.

Step # 2 Gluing With Super Glue

After you have finished removing all the old sealant, it’s time to apply a new coat. We suggest using an automotive-grade silicone adhesive (J-B Weld 31310 Silicone Sealant and Adhesive) or another type of rubber glue on either end of your intake rubber tube in order ensure maximum results and long lasting durability. This type of product will be able to withstand fluctuations in temperature with ease while remaining flexible enough for easy installation. In addition we recommend applying UV protectant spray over top after completion to prevent discoloration and deterioration due exposure from sun rays!

Split Intake Rubber Tube1

Step # 3

Once both ends are coated with glue, slide one piece inside the other until they meet at opposing where they should create a complete seal. Make sure that the end has not come loose in the process! If it appears to have fallen out, simply pull back apart and re-apply sealant (don’t forget your UV protectant spray).

Step # 4

Now comes the fun part: putting everything together again. Carefully slide both pieces onto either side of intake tubing until fully secure on each side. The rubber tube should be pushed up tightly against its original position for a proper fit! Once finished with installation, wipe away any excess silicone along outside edges using paper towels or rags to ensure none remains on painted surfaces where it will cause damage from exposure later down the road (it’s always best practice to avoid this from happening at all times!) Allow 24 hours for full curing time before driving vehicle.