How To Install Gates On Uneven Ground

When planning to replace a set of old property gates, one must take into consideration the lay of the land and while a perfectly flat piece of land allows you more freedom, many properties are built on a slope and this can cause problems when designing gates. 

Traditional Side-Hinged Gates

A set of front gates that meet in the centre and open inwards, for example, is fine with most properties, but if the driveway slopes up to the house, then side-hinged gates are not possible. In such a situation, the sliding gate is the preferred design, either opening to the left or right, providing there is adequate space.

Creating A Level Base

When designing gates for a sloping driveway, you must create a level line across the gate area, into which the gate tracking would be fitted and by taking the weight of the gate into account, you can create a concrete form that, when set, will provide a foundation for the gate tracking. If the DIY route scares you a little, search online for electric gate installers that cover your area and ask them to pay you a visit to discuss the many design options.

Sliding Gates

Install Gates2

If you have the space on the left or right, then a sliding automatic gate is the ideal design, as this will not impact driveway space and with the electric motor installed below ground level, the installation will not impact the aesthetic appeal of your home. Fortunately, there are specialised gate companies that design, fabricate and install made to measure gating, so you can be sure the design is suitable for the terrain. When it comes to automatic driveway gates, sliding ones are among the most popular.

Weight Considerations

Regardless of the design, the weight of the gate is critical, especially with side-hinged units, which might require steel post to anchor the gates. The electric motor must be of a type that can handle the gross weight of the gate(s), and that is something you can discuss with the gate supplier. Putting too much strain on a post would lead to the hinges giving way, plus the posts must be adequately under ground level.

Call In The Experts

Designing, fabricating and installing electric gating is something for the professionals and if you live in the UK, there is one company that stands head and shoulders above the rest, and what’s more, they cover the entire country. For a specialised company, each project is a new challenge and as terrain issues are often encountered, you can be sure that the gating will be designed to work with the way the land moves.

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Unless you happen to be a DIY genius, the design and installation of new gates should be left to the industry professionals and they can easily be contacted with a Google search. Make an appointment for a technician to pay you a visit and he can survey the site and give you a few design ideas, then once you have chosen the materials and optional extras, the company can quote for the project.