How to Eat Vegan at Any Restaurant

Following a vegan lifestyle quickly went from a being a niche habit to a widely popular trend. Even as we write this article, more and more people are beginning to follow vegan lifestyles. What makes going vegan so popular? He fact that a vegan lifestyle does a lot of good for you and your environment is a leading factor. Despite all the bad hype given to vegetarian foods over the internet, people are beginning to see its benefits. A vegan lifestyle is all about making healthier eating choices.

Veganism is on the rise, but there is still time before it becomes widely accepted everywhere. One of the biggest problems faced by a vegan person is food incompatibility. You go to a friend’s house and you have to be careful about what you eat. You go to a restaurant and you have trouble finding vegan friendly food on the menu. This aspect of veganism can be off putting to some. However, it can be dealt with quite easily. Today, we are going to talk about how you can have vegan food at a restaurant. We are going to focus on what can be done to allow you to stick to a vegan diet without having to stop going to restaurants.

You would be surprised by the number of businesses that have begun catering to vegans. Restaurants have begun adding vegan options to their menus (other than in the salad section). There are even meal preparation services that cater to vegans now. For instance, is a great meal prep service for people who want to eat healthy.

Eat Vegan at Restaurant

Awareness of vegetarian eating habits is spreading. However, there are still times when you go to a restaurant and cannot find anything to eat. What can you do to avoid this? Let’s find out.

Vegan Eating at Restaurants

The key to making sure that you have a nice time out at a restaurant is to know where you are going. Some restaurants openly advertise that they have vegan food on the menu.

Then, there are some restaurants that don’t offer vegan food, but the are willing to customize their dishes. You should make a habit out of calling any new eatery before you go there. Simply give them a call and ask about their menu. Ask whether they are willing to tweak a dish in order to make it vegan friendly or not. Making a habit out of this will help you create a map of all the restaurants that do offer vegan food. This kind of knowledge can make future outings easier for you and also make you look cooler amongst your vegan friends.

Many people feel anxious about announcing that they are vegan. This is thanks to how people react to veganism on the internet. In reality, people are a lot more accepting of your choices than you may think. Don’t be embarrassed to tell a waiter or a chef that you’re vegan. Clearly get the message across; the staff will thank you for being clear and concise.

You should also keep in mind that being polite helps. We should make a habit out of being polite in general. Always be polite when you are addressing the restaurant’s staff. This makes you look like a better person and will also make the staff more cooperative.

Being knowledgeable about what makes food vegan and not-vegan is also good. As you sift through a restaurant’s menu, you should check every food item’s description. Most restaurants describe their menu items in one or two sentences. And most of the times, these brief descriptions can tell you a lot about what is present in a particular dish.

Vegan Eating at Restaurants

Once you get a hang of doing this, you can take things up a notch. You can begin identifying dishes that can be made vegan friendly. Dishes such as spring rolls or certain types of pasta may have one or two ingredients that can be removed without any hassle. Identify dishes like these and consult your waiter about them.

Another great way to eat out while following a vegan diet is to join a vegan community. You could browse through your social media and look for a local vegan community. Over there, you will find people sharing their experiences and guiding one another. These kinds of communities can be a great place to find out about vegan friendly restaurants near you.

If you live in an area where veganism is not that widespread, you should not feel disheartened. Remember, there is always a way to stick to your lifestyle. You just need to adapt according to your environment. If you cannot find any restaurants that offer vegan dishes, you can start eating at home more often. Homemade meals are always healthier, cost less, and you can make them according to your tastes. If you’re a social animal who cannot stay at home, then you can make a habit of always eating at home before going to a restaurant. Have a meal before you go out. This way, you can still go out with friends and family. Simply order a drink or a salad as you dine with your company.


Despite the fact that veganism is gaining popularity, you may find it difficult to follow your lifestyle at times. This is because the vegan trend is still relatively new and society needs more time to accept it. We can already see businesses beginning to cater to this growing demand.

The next time you go out to eat, you may have an easier time if you follow these steps. Remember, being informed is the best way to go. You cannot expect everyone to be completely understanding about your choices. Therefore, you need to be fully prepared on your end. Scout your restaurants, learn what kinds of foods can be made vegan friendly, and be patients. Going vegan may seem tough at times, but remember, it is a decision that is really beneficial for your health.