How to Continue Self-Development in Age of Covid-19

Covid-19 turned the world upside-down. It thought us that the world as you know it may end anytime. Even more, it pushed us to stay at home, and spend some time alone. The world was fast, unrelenting, and relentless. The world of Covid-19 is the total opposite.

However, this could be a great chance for you. It could be an amazing opportunity for self-growth.

Home Workout

While you can’t go to the gym, you can still workout. Going to the gym was ritual by itself. Working out at home is a disciplinary action, where you have to push yourself to the highest limit.

A home workout can help you experience your limits, and learn from them. Also, you can heal at a faster rate, especially with braces, and you can check the best brace here.

Home Workout

Yet, that may not be enough for most people. In the gym, there are a lot of incentives to continue working out.

At home, you are your coach and motivator. You have to keep pumping and do exercises that you normally wouldn’t. There are push-ups, crunches, squats, and planks. And, it gets even better if you have home equipment. Or you could order dumbbells, weights, pull-up bar, and other equipment to help you out.

Maybe you won’t be able to add much muscle or mass, but you’ll get a lean look, fresh muscle, and a good physique. That should be a good motivation for you to continue working out.


When you get on lockdown, there’s going to be a lot of challenges. If you are out work, or you don’t have to work regularly, you’ll have a lot of free time on your hands. This idleness could lead to bad habits.

It could be anything from drinking, staying late, or unhealthy eating. Having a clear sleeping schedule will help you to organize your life. The organization is going to be the sole thing keeping you on track as you slip into endless days of isolation.

So, act like everything is normal. Maintain a clean sleeping schedule, and organize your day as you would if it was another regular day of your life. You are just going to fill it out with different activities than usual.



The Covid-19 situation gives people a golden opportunity for people to get more education. While people were in the daily grind, they barely had any time to pursue things of interest. Now, while they are completely isolated, they finally have time to learn new things.

It can be something for your enjoyment or something for professional use. For example, there are a lot of digital marketing agencies and IT companies giving free courses and materials. If you are unhappy with your career, you could pursue a new one right now.

Or, maybe you want to deepen your knowledge on a certain topic. There’s Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Nobles which allow you to purchase books in PDF formats that you can read on your devices.

Either way, you should keep busy at all times.

Mental Health

The biggest problem with isolation is keeping your mental health. Once the fear subsides, and 10 or more days pass, the isolation starts creeping in on you. You’ll get agitated easily, and feel pressed by the walls around you.

fitness, sport, people and lifestyle concept – couple running outdoors

Therefore, you should do as many things as you can to keep your mental health. Self-medication should be last the thing you do though. What you need is to reassure yourself that this situation is going to pass.

While things may not be good now, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be better in a few weeks or months. Don’t let it suffocate you. Form a strong routine and follow it, make regular contact through social media with other people. And, spend your time as far as way from idleness as possible.


Another great thing you can do is crafts. Crafts are various skills that can help you fix, decorate, improve, or even create new things. You can work with wood, metals, or other materials. And, you don’t even need to learn from a real craftsman.

There are a dozen free resources such as ebooks, YouTube channels, or printed books you can learn from. All you need are materials and tools, which you can buy on your regular runs to the store.

When you are learning crafts, not only you are learning, but you are also creating a side hustle. Let’s say you want to learn carpentry or to learn how to make things from wood. In the future, maybe you’ll be able to fix wooden doors, wooden kitchen elements, or anything made out of wood.

But, so far you covered things you can learn. It’s time to cover real self-growth.


This situation is perfect for spiritual growth. Since you are going to spend a lot of time alone, you’ll have the time to tackle all those things you pushed aside for so long.

Instead of keeping it all inside, and letting it boil, try to understand your inner state. While the daily grind prevents you from keeping in constant with a higher self, the isolation is a perfect ground for it.


Make the time to meditate, contemplate, think, and do a soul search. Find out where you are and where you want to be. Look within, and find what’s keeping you from success, and what’s a success for you.

Think about your happiness, and seek it. Take this time, and become who you really want to be.

Keep Growing

The most important thing is to keep growing. Don’t let the circumstances trap you into believing that life’s over now.

Be brave, and keep growing. A flower doesn’t know the gentle touch of the sun until it pierces the soil. Strive for the Sun.