Here’s How to Pick a Winning Horse

Many things make horse racing a fascinating event and experience. These races are unique and special in many ways. In horse racing, a bond is formed between man and animal to create a winning team that is both strong and unstoppable. Every horse race is accompanied by held breaths, watchful eyes, and cheers as soon as the paddock gates are opened.

In horse racing, we have the betting sector, which is a multimillion industry on its own. Everyone who places a bet wishes to be successful in their endeavors thus, and the skill to achieve such a feat isn’t known by all. It is, for this reason, that this article exists; to teach all potential bettors the tricks to finding and betting on a winning horse.

Bet On the Race Favourite


While it is true that the horses who won that previous races won’t continue to be winners, it is a safer option to bet on the world’s favorite. Some people disagree with this thought; thus, they choose to bet on the underdogs. According to statistics, about 33% of those who are on favorite horses win their bets. If you want to be right 60% of the time, you should consider betting on the ideal horse to be first, second, or third; with Cheltenham free bets, you have nothing to lose.

Check The Trainers

Another vital step every bettor should take involves research. You need to check out the trainer of your favorite horse, to find out if he is an accomplished trainer with an excellent track record. When was the last time the trainer claimed that horse? Have they won any competition together? And how often? All these are questions you need to ask, both online and in person. In-person you can find out such information from other punters like yourself.



Jockeys are an essential part of every horse race. No horse wins a race by itself; it is ridden and guided by a rider known popularly as a jockey. Jockeys are trained personnel who have a very vital role in every race. They have the requisite skills and experience, which can determine how well their horse will do in a run. To find a winning horse, punters must check the reputation of their jockey, and also their track record before they place their bet.

Track Record

One major factor betters should consider is the previous position finished their favorite horse has had in recent times. All track record information is usually printed in racecards and can be found online. Statistics show that horses that have won or finished in the top three positions consistently always stand a higher chance of winning.

Type of Race & Post Position


From the two-turn race to the sprint races, some horses thrive only in specific race types. The best way to find horses that do well in any particular race is to research online. If you’re betting on a sprint race, shortlist all horses that have performed well in sprint races and choose the horse that is on the outside post often. Choosing these horses is a safer bet because, in most instances, they have the best chance of winning.