Fun Gifts for a Best Friend’s Birthday

Your best friend’s birthday is a great opportunity to spoil them rotten. Whether you want to pamper them, make them laugh, or reveal a hidden crush, we have some fun gift ideas to inspire your gift-buying frenzy.

Right now it is tricky celebrating anything, least of all a birthday, what with lockdown restrictions hindering social interaction. But fear not as we have included some gifts below that can easily be posted.

Experience Days

Experiences are the gift that keeps on giving. When you buy someone an experience day, not only can they look forward to an amazing day but they’ll also come home with great memories, photos, videos, and lots of kudos on their social media channels.

Pick an experience day that suits your friend’s interests. For example, if your friend is an adrenaline junkie, an experience day spent driving a fast car or 4×4 off-roading might be just the thing. But if they are more of a princess, a luxury spa day is probably a better option.

A Board Game


Board games have become fashionable once again, and for people who would rather stay at home, a board game is a top gift pick. While games like Cluedo and Monopoly are still very popular, chances are your friend already owns these. Instead, look for something new and exciting, a game your friend might not have played before. This article has a list of some of the best board games from 2021, so see which one sounds the most fun.


Amazon has around 33 million titles listed, so it won’t be hard to find a book your friend will enjoy, but since we are sticking to ‘fun’ gifts, let’s focus on adult coloring books. Yes, you read that right – adult coloring books are the perfect gift for a stressed-out best friend. There are tons to choose from, including fantasy pictures and cute kittens. Choose one most likely to appeal to your friend. Heck, throw in a tin of colored pencils too!

Some of our favorite coloring books include Calm the F*ck Down, the Sloth Coloring Book for Adults, and Boss Babes: A Coloring and Activity Book for Grown-Ups.

Books score bonus points for being easy to post, and if you are an Amazon shopper, you can have your gift delivered direct to the recipient!

Novelty Socks


Here’s another fun, inexpensive, and easy to post gift – yes, our old favorite, novelty socks.

There are loads of different sock designs to choose from, with a huge number listed on Etsy. But if you want socks that tell an important message, these socks with words on the bottom are certain to tick a lot of boxes. Go for the design that suits your friend. For example, if they are a bookworm, the ‘Go Away, I’m Reading’ socks are sure to please.

Friendships need tending, and what better way to show your bestie how important they are in your life than by buying them a fun gift to make them smile. And if you want to reveal a hidden crush, send them some candy underwear!