Engagement Party Planning with Basic Invite

Getting married is so exciting, and there are a ton of things you can do before your big day! An event that can happen is an Engagement Party. But, there are so many questions or thoughts that people may have on how to plan the perfect party. We hope that this helps answer a few questions that you may have!

Who should be invited to your Engagement Party?

Usually, the people that are invited are the ones that are in the wedding party. One thing to make the process easier is creating the best engagement party shower invitations! Basic Invite has so many different styles to choose from. They have over 180 different color options, the cards are 100% customizable, and you have the option to have your guests addresses printed right on the envelopes. Super easy!

Who should be invited to your Engagement Party

Who is in charge of planning/hosting your Engagement Party?

There is not one specific person who is in charge of planning an Engagement Party. Usually, it is the groom’s parents, but, it can also be other family members or even some of your best friends! And, sometimes, even the bride and groom plan the event themselves. It is your special time, do it however you would like.

When is it the right time to have the party?

Typically, the best time to celebrate is when the engagement is new! Keep the excitement fresh and alive within the first few months. Or, you could wait a little longer and thrilled about your significant other and being with them forever all over again. Again, there is no right or wrong time to have an Engagement Party, just when it feels right to you!

Is it acceptable to have more than one Engagement Party?

Is it acceptable to have more than one Engagement Party

Some couples have family and/or friends that live far away, and they sometimes would like to honor the couple too. Some people have multiple celebrations to enjoy time with every single person that is special to them.

Some have a large function, a nice dinner, or even just simply going out to drinks with a few people. There is nothing wrong with having fun with the ones you love who also want to recognize your love!

Is this the ideal time for the parents to meet?

Engagement parties are a great time for the couple’s parents to meet for the first time! The environment is fun and lively, and it could possibly be more comfortable for them. Or if you prefer to have it more intimate, you can even plan dinner so they can really talk and get to know each other in a quiet setting.

Again, there is no wrong or right way to plan events before your wedding day. You can make it 100% your own by catering your favorite food, send all of your guest’s personalized engagement cards, or the theme be something extra special to you. Just make sure it is an event that you will never forget!