Buying Mother’s Day Gifts Based On The Message You Want To Share

Mother’s Day is the one day a year where the focus shifts from the children to the woman who raised them. It’s an opportunity to show your love and appreciation to the women in your life who put everyone else ahead of themselves.

Whether you’re celebrating your mom, the mother of your children, or a special woman who influenced your life, here are some of the best gifts and the messages they convey.


Flowers are one of the most timeless, traditional Mother’s Day gifts ideas that say, “I’m thinking of you.” What makes this gift so special is that you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. You can opt for an ornate, elaborate bouquet that’s rife with symbolism or choose a simple arrangement of your mom’s favorite flowers.

Taking care of living plants has become a well-loved hobby during the pandemic. Consider whether the mother in your life would prefer a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers or if she’d prefer to have something to nourish and grow— just like she did for you.

Self-Care Gifts

Another popular Mother’s Day gift is a trip to the spa or an at-home spa kit. This gift option conveys the message that moms deserve the care and pampering they often reserve for others and that they deserve time to slow down and unwind. This is the perfect gift for the busy mom who spend her days driving kids around to various events and rarely finds a moment for herself.

If you create an at-home spa kit, include things like:

  • face masks
  • candles
  • slippers
  • a robe
  • bath bombs
  • lotions
  • treats

If mom has young children at home, offer to take the kids for an outing to give her time to use the gift!

Photo Gifts

Gifts like custom photo books, prints, and other visual representations are the perfect way to say “thank you for all the beautiful memories.” There are endless options for creating photo gifts, from making custom ornaments and art displays to creating heirloom cookbooks with family recipes.

If you have siblings, consider getting them together to recreate a few cherished photos from your childhood. This gift may take time, as you’ll need to visit the thrift store and find some vintage clothing.

As an alternative to the pre-arranged photo gift, consider booking a family photo session with a photographer instead, so you have updated photos together.

Mother’s Day Gifts1


Giving the gift of jewelry is a grand gesture. It says, “you deserve the best.” This option is a special gift that’s meant to be a rare occurrence. You can provide a custom piece that includes everyone’s birthstones or opt for something non-traditional that she’d never splurge on for herself.


Finally, the best gift you can give a mom is the gift of time. Ironically, mothers of young children may desire time alone to focus on themselves as it’s a rarity, while moms of older children often desire time with them. 

Rather than focusing on giving things, give an experience. Take the kids and let mom have a day alone or plan an outing together. The gift of time says, “you matter more than material objects could ever say.”

While giving a gift is a great way to share a message with mom, don’t forget to tell her how you feel about her and how much you appreciate her.