9 Clothing Items To Keep Your Fashion Game On Top

We all have a few staples in our closets that we wouldn’t be able to survive without, be it a unique dress, your go-to sunglasses, or just a lucky pair of jeans. Your entire ensemble can change in a matter of seconds by how you accessorize it and with what staples you pair it. Keeping these must-have pieces in your look will always give you a confidence boost since they are classic and never go out of style.

Fashion keeps evolving, and trends keep changing, which is why you must have a few classic pieces that you can wear no matter what the occasion is. Thus, if you don’t know what essentials you need or what you may be missing out on, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a complete wardrobe makeover or need to upgrade your fashion game, below are nine clothing items to bring every outfit up a notch.

1. A Good Ol’ Pair of Jeans

You can never go wrong with a classic pair of your trusty blue jeans. From basic high-waist denim jeans to capris, there’s very little that can go wrong in styling them. Let’s not forget the best part; you can find your favorite pants in all kinds of sizes. Whether you’re looking for slim boot-cut jeans or plus size jean capris, the market is full of options so that you won’t be disappointed. Pair them with a floral statement top for a chic summer look or a t-shirt and leather jacket for a badass winter look.

2. Basic T-Shirt

You can do so much with a plain, solid-colored tee. You can style it with high-waisted jeans/palazzos and heavy accessories to have a fashionable party look. On the other hand, you can wear a basic V-neck t-shirt with boot-cut jeans to make an effortless everyday look.

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3. Tank Top

A tank top is the most underrated clothing item, yet it is the most useful. You can wear it under a sheer dress as a camisole. You can also put a shrug on top or rock it on its own in the summer. It’s the perfect staple to wear at the beach with a pair of cute shorts. You can also wear it under a button-down shirt with a pair of jeans for a laidback look.

4.Elegant Sundress

In summers, there’s no way you can go wrong with a classic sundress. You can pair it with sandals and sunglasses for a laid-back vibe or a jean jacket and sneakers for a trendier look. Invest in a few pastel-colored sundresses with sundresses, and you’ll thank yourself later. The best part about a sundress is that it’s a complete outfit in itself without any accessories. 

5. Stylish Skirts

The best thing about skirts is that they have as much variety as jeans do. For example, if you need to dress business formal, pencil skirts are your go-to. However, if you want to dress chic and semi-casual, you can wear a mini skirt with a basic top, and you’ll be good to go. Apart from the basics, long, pleated, and tulle skirts are making a statement nowadays. You can wear pleated skirts with a button-up for a preppy vibe. 

6. Sheer Leggings

Let’s face it; who doesn’t love a comfy pair of leggings? However, you can’t wear sheer leggings with every other top. As sexy as they are, you have to be careful with how you pair them. For example, you can wear them under a mini skirt to avoid exposing your legs in a chillier season. Sheer leggings give you the benefit of showing your legs without being too cold. Plus, it tops off your ensemble with a sultry finish while making you feel comfortable as well. You can also pair these under a dress shirt or mini dress to give the same effect.


7. Denim Jackets

No matter the season, you can never go wrong with a classic denim jacket. The fact that it never goes out of style makes it a wardrobe essential. This year, cropped denim and ripped denim jackets are stealing the show. The way they have evolved over the years makes them one of the most iconic style statements in fashion history. You can pair a sturdy denim jacket with any top and pants of your liking. However, if you’re feeling extra brave, you can always go for a denim on denim look, which never fails to make a statement.

8. Trendy Blazer

Having a classy blazer in your wardrobe goes a long way. You can dress business casual or business formal with a trendy blazer. You can also match it up with straight pants and turn it into a pantsuit. On the other hand, you can use it to top off a pencil skirt and a formal shirt otherwise. It not only works for business meetings, but you can also wear it on top of a dress as outerwear at dinner parties. No matter what you wear the blazer with, you will surely look like a boss. 

9. Tie-Dye

We all know how big of an impact tie-dye clothing made as a fashion statement this year. Tie-dye shirts are usually preferred baggy shirts with unique necklines. You can pair them with sweatpants, jeans, or shorts and look super trendy and colorful. However, you can also rock a full tie-dye suit by pairing the shirt with the same tie-dye sweats, joggers, or tights. Rocking tie-dye is a great way to show that you’re up to date with the recent trends and like to incorporate light colors in your everyday style.

It is fair to say that you must be confident no matter what your preferred style may be. The best way to rock anything you wear is to walk in it with a kick of confidence and a smile on your face. The wardrobe essentials we talked about are essential for every woman, and having them in your wardrobe will make your day-to-day outfit planning better. A versatile and trendy sense of style is all about mixing and matching different wardrobe staples according to the season and occasion.