6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

You can increase the value of your house without investing a fortune on makeovers. Before you renovate your property, you need to know what your potential buyers would love to see in your home. Do they want a modern bathroom, a large kitchen or energy efficient appliances? Without breaking the bank, you can use the following ideas to add real value to your property.

1. Extend your kitchen

Extend your kitchen

Renovating your kitchen can give you a high return on your investment. If you have a cramped layout, you should consider extending it into a larger open-plan room. This will provide more space for seating and dining. Some of the best ways to expand your kitchen space include:

  • Extending to the side return: This works best for detached and semi-detached homes.
  • Rearrange storage space: Let cupboards be grouped in a specific area instead of scattering them around.
  • Use one type of material: In the extended space, provide a more open and orderly feeling by using a single material like wood throughout.

2. Renovate your bathroom

Upgrading your bathroom can make your home appealing to serious home buyers. The bathroom is also a place where you can easily add new fixtures and do a makeover without breaking the bank. Here are some simple and cost-effective ideas:

  • Add more storage: Install floating shelves and more towel racks.
  • Change the shower curtain: Replace the dated shower screens with new pivoted or frameless models.
  • Update the fittings: Install new taps, toilet seats and towel rails.
  • Replace the lighting: Create a new mood by upgrading your lighting with modern bathroom lights that can also handle moisture and dampness.

3. Improve your outdoor space

Improve your outdoor space

If you are planning to sell your home, you need to give would-be buyers a good first impression. Boost the curb appeal of your property by tidying up the garden. Mow your lawn and rake up all the leaves. If you have enough space, you can add a patio or deck to convert your garden into a place for outdoor entertainment. Some of the other things you can do to improve the exterior part of your house include:

  • Repair your roof: replace missing tiles, clear blocked gutters and repaint.
  • Fix the walls: Seal all cracks on walls, wash them and add a coat of durable paint that will last for years.
  • Check all door and window frames: Fix all cracks, varnish wooden frames and use shutters to protect wooden frames from harsh weather.
  • Add a pool: While it certainly falls into the more expensive category of modifications, having a pool in your backyard can make all the difference when it comes to sale time. This sentiment was reflected in a recent survey that showed that nearly 30% of Generation Y respondents said they would pay more for a home with a pool.

4. Convert your loft to a bedroom

You can raise the value of your home by about 15 percent if you convert your loft to a bedroom. Various types of conversions are possible, from the cheaper dormer, to the roof light and to the expensive mansard conversion. With the number of structural changes involved in a loft conversion, it’s always advisable to consult an architect before you start making any major modifications.

5. Turn the garage to a living space

Turn the garage to a living space

If you have parking space in front of your house, you should check if your garage can be utilised as a living space. Some of the options you should consider while converting your garage include: a kitchen-diner, a bedroom with a bathroom en suite, or a home office. Check with your county or local council to know the building regulations for this kind of project.

6. Increase the lighting

A well-lit room always looks larger and more inviting than a dark one. Increasing the illumination in your home is a simple and cheap way to raise its value. You can take these steps to light up your house:

  • Clean the windows: Clean windows will permit more natural light to come into the home and allow you to enjoy scenic views of your yard or garden.
  • Add bright LED lights: In addition to being more energy efficient, LED lighting will make your home look great during the winter months when there’s minimal sunshine.
  • Increase natural light: Invest some money to install sliding patio doors or a skylight.

Now you know the type of renovations that can make homebuyers pay more for your property. Before you start any renovation, consider your budget and allocate resources to areas that will give higher returns for each upgrade.

Infographic Provided by NewTechWood America, Inc.