6 Recycling Ideas to Make Useful Items from Waste Materials

Stuff recycling is the most effective way to conserve our environment. Besides, most landfills in the UK are almost full due to being filled with non-biodegradable stuff. Examples of some waste that cannot decompose include old car parts, old pianos, glass bottles, old jeans, old sewing machines, and plastics. Here is a clear guide on using recycled materials to make something useful.

1.Recycling Old Car Parts into Furnish Materials

Recycling Old Car Parts into Furnish Materials

Most old cars always end up in a junkyard where they are compressed and pounded into pieces. Later, the scrape metals are used to create other automobiles. But did you know that you do not have to get rid of your old car, you can create new things using its parts? Well, now you know.

Old car parts can be reused in many purposes. For instance, it is possible to create pieces of furniture such as couches, tables, and beds using parts of an old car. It is even possible to create an office reception desk using an old car. Recycling old car parts should, therefore, replace towing cars to a junkyard for shredding.

2.Repurposing Piano in Creative Ways

. Repurposing Piano in Creative Ways

There is nothing as painful as having to throw away your musical instrument. However, you don’t have to throw it away because there are ways you can salvage the remains. Here are some of the ideas you can use.

  • Create a Mini Bar

If the keys and strings of your piano are not functioning, then you can pull them out. The hollow parts of the piano can then be used to store beer and wine bottles. On the top part, you can put hangers that you can use to hang your glasses. The mini bar can be placed either in your living room or in the garden for the days you want to enjoy nature.

  • Make an Aquarium

It is possible to fix an aquarium on the top part of a standing piano. This idea is great because your treasured piano will remain in your living room but with an addition of a beautiful aquarium.

3.Recycling Glass Bottle into Decorative Items

Recycling Glass Bottle into Decorative Items

Glass bottles are just one of the things we can recycle without much effort. They can make flower vases. To decorate the bottles with flowers for special occasions like Christmas, birthday or just a simple warming dinner, you should wrap them up using beautiful ribbons. You can also paint them to match the colours of your walls or curtains, then place your favourite flowers.

Another brilliant idea of recycling glass bottles involves cutting their bottoms then smoothing out the edges. After that, paint them in different colours and after drying you can use them as chandeliers. From these ideas, you can make decorative items from waste materials.

4.Recycling Old Jeans into a Bag

Recycling Old Jeans into a Bag

Almost everyone has a pair of jeans they don’t wear anymore probably due to tears, or they don’t fit anymore. Well, the good news is that you can put those jeans into use. You can cut them out and ask a tailor to make you a grocery shopping bag. Yes, jeans can make perfect bags. If you have a kitchen garden, then you can fill the jeans with soil and use them to plant your vegetables.

5.Recycling Plastic Bottles for Garden Use

Recycling Plastic Bottles for Garden Use

Plastics are the main waste products filling our junkyards. Instead of disposing of your plastic water bottle, you could use it as a drip irrigator in your garden. The drip irrigation helps save water as well as the energy you would have used to water your plants.

The bottles can also be used to plant vegetables once they are cut out. You, therefore, don’t have to throw away your plastic bottles, but instead, you can make use of them.

6.Repurposing Your Old Sewing Machine

Repurposing Your Old Sewing Machine

The most useless thing in a home is a sewing machine that is no longer functional. The machine can occupy a lot of space and even accumulate rust. However, the situation can be changed if you convert the machine into a dressing table.

All you need to do is ask a carpenter to fix some drawers on the side and also screw a mirror on the top, and voila, you have your dressing cabinet and still retain your treasured sewing machine.


Stuff recycling saves the environment for generations to come. Besides, less energy is required to convert waste materials into useful products. Some of the things you can put into use instead of disposing of include an old piano, old car parts, torn jeans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and an old sewing machine.

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