5 Most Iconic Experiences of Barcelona We Are Fond Of


Barcelona is famous for its gigantic art-deco architecture offering the city a distinct baroque flavour. Barcelona is also the heart of Catalonia, the most flamboyant part of Spain that always brims with the festive spirit. If you want to encounter the authentic Spanish life, culture, art and civilisation, there is no better part to begin with than Barcelona.

But just because Barcelona offers too many attractions and too many unforgettable experiences. Just reach Barcelona by a private jet charter service and save time for some ever-memorable experiences. If you want to know about the most iconic experiences of Barcelona, here we list a few of them.

1. Experiencing the baroque creations of Gaudi

Experiencing the baroque creations of Gaudi

Barcelona is known world over for its marvellous modern baroque architectures created by great artist-architect Gaudi. From the likes of jaw-dropping La Sagrada Familia church to the spectacular Parc Guell to the exquisite La Pedrera, these architectural marvels will overwhelm the visual senses of any first time visitor. These architectures with their excessive baroque designs look more like creations of art than functional architectures. If you are lucky enough you can even attend a memorable jazz evening in the exquisite rooftop setting of La Pedrera.

2. A feast of greatest artworks

A feast of greatest artworks

For the cultured and artistically inclined, Barcelona is also the city famous for its great art galleries showcasing masterpieces of greatest painters and sculptors of various traditions. A visit to the Picasso Museum is a must as this is where you will find the greatest collection of Picasso’s works comprising more than 3,500 works. Other two top attractions of great reserve of masterpieces are MACBA or Barcelona’s museum of contemporary art and the CCCB or the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona.

3. Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadella

Barcelona boasts of a casual and carefree lifestyle that you never find elsewhere except in cities like Rio-de-Janeiro. But, amidst all these hustle bustle and incessant hip-hopping of tourists, the Parc de la Ciutadella offers a sprawling greenery that equals the the Central Park of New York and offers a more green, picturesque and nerve-soothing atmosphere. Take a quiet walk in the pebbled streets in between the rows of arching trees or just take a lazy boat ride or park yourself under a tree watching the birds and ducks, it offers the most laid-back and relaxed life you can ever experience in Barcelona.

4. Casa de les Punxes, the new modernist marvel

Casa de les Punxes, the new modernist marvel

Barcelona by the opinion of many is the globe’s only city that constantly reinvents itself through great architectural marvels. Yes, it is true because Barcelona’s quest for its baroque heart never stopped with the creations of Gaudi. The most stunning example of Barcelona’s modern architectural marvel is the Casa de les Punxes. After being hidden from the eyes of the public this astounding marvel is recently opened for public and tourists. Obviously, it quickly rose in fame as a must-visit Barcelona attraction.

5. Beaches


Barcelona is also the city famous for its sprawling city beaches that overlooks the gigantic expanse of the Mediterranean. The beaches here are so clean, well maintained and facilitated with amenities that National Geographic considered Barcelona beach as the number one among urban beaches around the world. Spending a day in the beach side is a must-do experience for anyone travelling here.