5 Autumn Safety Tips For Quad Riding

The great British summer is almost over and soon the leaves will begin to turn light brown, as the days get shorter and temperatures begin to fall. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to stop riding your quad, and with that in mind, here are a few autumn tips for riding your ATV.

  • Wear An Inner Vest – It can get quite cold on those early autumn mornings, and if you’re out riding, wear an inner vest (thermal works) and that will help your body to retain heat. It is important they you are comfortable while on your ATV, and being cold is no fun. If the temperature really drops, you could wear some inner leggings under your trousers and that will keep your lower body from feeling the cold.
  • Thermal Gloves – It is very important you have feeling in your hands and fingers, and a good pair of thermal gloves (not mittens) will keep your hands insulated. If your machine needs a repair, you may want to check out https://quadbikesrus.com/ as they have quad parts at discounted prices, as well as a great selection of new and used quads and low-interest finance. Leather gloves are perfect for winter riding and many riders fit plastic hand protectors over their hand grips to protect against impact and the wind.


  • Goggles – The autumn brings with it high winds and driving rain so your eyes need protection, and riding through wooded areas means brushing with vegetation. Of course, a full-face helmet negates the need for goggles, but either way, you must protect your eyes when riding an ATV. If you search online, you can find a supplier of ATV riding gear and safety equipment, where you can kit yourself out for the next couple of months.
  • Lights – You need to have your lights on at all times when there is fog or mist and if visibility is limited, you should reduce your speed. Wearing a hi-vis vest is a great way to get yourself noticed, and the ATV accessory store would have everything you need for a safe ride, and be extra careful if there is a chance of oncoming traffic.

Great Grip

  • Great Grip – In the wetness of the autumn, foot grip is essential, so make sure you are wearing footwear with soles that offer great grip in all conditions, plus you need ankle protection. Hiking boots are ideal. Motorcycle boots are obviously made for this kind of riding and your feet are used to control the vehicle, so it is essential you have good protection.

You should have a lightweight wetsuit that can be worn during heavy rain, as getting wet and moving at speed equals getting very cold, and keeping yourself dry is a priority. If you would like to browse a catalogue of top-quality accessories for ATV riding, a Google search will help you locate a supplier and you can order online. The most important thing is to use your common sense and be prepared for anything, and with adequate storage space on your ATV, you can have everything you need at hand.