30 Mermaid Tattoos Ideas For Both Men And Women

Mermaid Tattoos Ideas – Mermaids are legendary aquatic mythical creatures believed to have upper body of female and lower body of fish. There are few proofs or theory that mermaids are real but there is no concrete proof about existence of mermaid. Today mermaid can be seen in movies or TV show or as toys of kids. The word mermaid is compound of old English mer (sea) and maid (a girl or women) they are believed to be beautiful women with long hair as some tale’s described them.  Mermaid are very popular subject since Hans Christian Andersen’s well known fairy tale came out in 1836 hence tale was published in 1837. Since then they can be seen in films, paintings and books and there are love stories of mermaid who fall in love with human.

Today they are very popular and people have tattoos of mermaid. Some tattoos are adorable and some are quite creepy because since mermaid is a mythological creature nobody can tell that they were kind or they were scary and there are many tales about they kill human. There are many people who have mermaid tattoo and these days not only women have mermaid tattoos men also have mermaid tattoos. There are many types of tattoos to try cute, creepy; funny etc. depends on what you need. You can have huge tattoos of mermaid or tiny ones but they always look good as tattoos and everywhere whether they are in films, books or painting. So without any further delays here is our collection of 30 Mermaid Tattoos Ideas For Both Men And Women. Enjoy and stay inspires.

Mermaid Tattoos Ideas

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