15 Surprising Facts About What Is Hemp Oil Used For

Are you looking for natural methods to increase or maintain your overall health? Many people look to hemp oil or Vitaleaf Naturals hemp pain relief cream to help in this process. Hemp oil comes mainly from hemp seeds, although the whole plant can be used in manufacturing.

What Is Hemp Oil Used For

What Is Hemp Oil Used For

  1. Hemp oil contains a balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which are needed to maintain good health and a high energy level. However, our bodies do not produce these substances, so we need to get them through our diet. Unrefined hemp oil is a good source of fatty acids. Use them on your salad in place of olive oil.
  2. Hemp oil can be used in soap or lotions. Rubbing it on the skin is a way to moisture and revitalize dry, cracked skin. It helps increase blood circulation.
  3. Hemp oil can be used in the production of paint instead of petroleum. It is less harmful to the environment.
  4. Some plastic manufacturers use it instead of petroleum to make their products.
  5. The oil can be used in cooking because of its nutty taste. It should only be used in low heat cooking though.
  6. It provides antioxidants like Vitamin E and carotene. It contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.
  7. When consumed on a regular basis it can help support a person’s immune system, leading to improved health.
  8. Many shampoos and hair conditioners contain hemp oil. Massaging the oil into the scalp is thought to help thicken hair and prevent dandruff.
  9. According to studies done, the abundance of alpha-linolenic acid in hemp oil can help prevent depression, arthritis and heart disease. It is reported to help reduce the bad cholesterol in the body as well.
  10. Hemp oil has gamma-linoleic acid which helps reduce dermatitis and other skin rashes.
  11. The oil also contains 25% protein. It is high-quality protein found in meat and eggs. This is a good source of amino acids.
  12. The oil has been used to reduce the negative effects of cancer treatments. Many have reported good results.
  13. Women use hemp oil to reduce the symptoms of PMS and also symptoms of menopause.
  14. The fatty acids and minerals in hemp oil can help steady your nervous system and improve brain functioning.
  15. Hemp oil with a little lemon juice is a great way to polish your furniture without the residual odor of furniture polish.

What Is Hemp Oil Used For
When wondering what is hemp oil used for many people worry that Hemp Oil contains THC, found in other Cannabis plants. The level is minuscule, so there are no psychotropic effects from the oil. It can be used to help with many health issues. If you wish to know more about Hemp Oil and its benefits, go check out Functional Remedies, they have been in the business for 30+ years and are delivering quality Hemp products to consumers around the world

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