Why a Chain Wallet is an Excellent Purchase

Even in the digital world where the money is kept on a credit card or a phone, we still need a wallet. Despite the fact that they kind of lost the primal function of carrying our money, we still need pocketbooks to accommodate IDs, bank cards, some change, and other essentials. For the majority of people, a wallet is something that rests in a purse or a jeans pocket so it doesn’t have to be stunning. A regular rectangular bi-fold will do. However, if you are sick of dull pocketbooks, you might want to scout around the Internet for something better, fancier, and sicker. What about a chain wallet?

They Give You a Peace of Mind

The idea to attach a wallet to a person with a chain or a rope is not new. Even cave people had little bags with the most important thing for survival, food, hanging from their necks. In the 20 century, everything we needed for survival could fit into a small wallet. But wallets are things that can easily get lost, plus a culprit can pick your pocket while your attention is distracted. Therefore, the combination of a pocketbook and a chain was a match made in heaven.
They Give You a Peace of Mind
The people who benefited from this design the most were bikers. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that riders basically came up with this idea. They are used to putting their billfolds into the back pocket of the jeans for convenience but this gives little control of how the wallet is doing there. It would be a disaster to ride a few hundred miles around the vast expanses of America and realize that a billfold with all the necessities is gone. However, if you add a chain, a wallet won’t be able to vanish. Thus, chain wallets became widespread in the biker community.

Key Aspects of Chain Wallets

There are many reasons to get a biker chain wallet even if you are not a motorcyclist – they look cool, add the sense of security, they are more sturdy than traditional wallets after all. Below, we’ll try to explain what to look out for when buying such an item.

You shouldn’t think that a chain wallet is a regular billfold with a regular chain. In fact, all biker pocketbooks, just like this leather men’s wallet, have a special ring or grommet to hook up a chain. Chains, in their turn, have claps at each side – one is attached to a wallet ring and the other is affixed to a belt or jeans loop. Some models originally come with a chain while others just envisage using a chain so that you can pick whatever item you want.
Key Aspects of Chain Wallets
These wallets are made compact so that you can effortlessly put them into a pocket. Most styles carry a bi-fold or tri-fold designs. Because shoving a wallet and pulling it out all the time wears out billfolds pretty fast, conscious brands craft them of durable leather. Cowhide is an excellent budget-friendly option that will serve you for many years if cared of properly.

stomach-crocodile-walletSource – https://www.bikerringshop.com

If you want a wallet to stay with you for a lifetime, then you should consider something even more durable than that. Exotic skins such as crocodile, alligator, ostrich, snake, lizard, shark, and especially stingray, make leather accessories so sturdy that you won’t ever have to throw them away. Besides, exotic leathers boast outstanding textures.

As for chains, the most popular options are crafted of metals (silver, brass, steel, etc.). They are stout, made in various striking designs, and feature a luxury weight. If you enjoy something more earthy and retro-looking than silver, there is a great selection of leather chains constructed from the same leather and in the same style as your wallet.