Where We’ve Come from with The Mobile Phones

Cell phones have become incredibly advanced since the inception of the first mobile phone Motorola DynaTAC 800x. Though extraordinarily huge going by today’s standards, it was small enough to carry around those days. The cell phone was incredibly expensive back then, and you could only find among trendsetters and the pop culture fraternity.

Today, many companies have come out with cell phone models packing many features they want, and they are incredibly affordable and portable fit for modern society. Read about telecom company reviews for trendy mobile phones today at UK Collected Reviews to know which telecom company has cell phones that pack every detail you want.

Back in the days, cell phones were specifically for making calls. A few years later it incorporated voice mail and messaging services. Today the cell phone has advanced to a greater extent, and there is still a possibility for the future. Smartphones have changed our lifestyles entirely through a different angle. And day by day, we continue to rely on our cell phones, and it has reached a point where we can’t do without.

The shape of the cell phone is changing too

A few decades, you could not imagine using your phone to surf the internet, something you can reliably do right now. The smartphone is taking over the work of computers, and you cannot believe if I tell you that today, smartphones have more capabilities than the average PC. We now use our smartphones to make calls, surf the internet-mostly, check emails, snap photos, and update social media status. What seemed a dream a few years in the mobile industry is a reality today, and there are endless possibilities we anticipate.

The rapidly expanding apps and better screen resolution, plus improved interfaces make the smartphones easier and fun to use. And without forgetting to mention the ever-expanding computing and memory capacity that has already surpassed an average computer today. You can wonder why it is exploding in the market.

Today, mobile phones replace other gadgets and devices up to the point where you don’t need a stand-alone camera in events like it used to be a few years back. Modern smartphones, especially iPhones, have changed everything consumers expected from their phones, to the point where your smartphone has become a virtual toolbox with every solution for your needs.

The shape of the cell phone is changing too!

The future of a cell phone

It is not only the technology that’s changing but also the shape. The first mobile phones were huge enough to be called car phones. Since then, it is reducing in size and flattening in shape and reducing weight. Just like computers, cell phones are reducing in size factor but increasing computing power. Today’s smartphones are sleeker, and touch screens are replacing keyboards.

The future of a cell phone

The cell phone changes are so rapid that anything you can imagine could be possible. The convergence of all our devices into one mobile device will continue. We anticipate the cloud technology will take over from hardware and software tech and the main product will only comprise input and display only, the rest will be deployed to the cloud. And within a few years, the regular phones will disappear, and the smartphones will take over the market.