When to Experience Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico

Vieques has the brightest and most captivating bio bay in the world. It’s a fantastic place that Puerto Rico boasts and with good reasons. Out of the five bioluminescent bay ecosystems on the planet, the country has three of them. Mosquito Bay, in particular, mesmerizes millions of people with its beauty every year. If you want to see its pristine setting, make sure you know the bioluminescent bay Puerto Rico best time to go.

What exactly is a bioluminescent bay?

Bioluminescent Bay Puerto Rico

Dinoflagellates are the types of organisms that inhabit these unique ecosystems in Puerto Rico. They are single-celled and microscopic. But they grow and thrive in larger quantities; thus, they create a glowing effect in the dark, mainly when there is movement in the water. When there are some splashing and paddling on the water, the dinoflagellates light up and everything that comes in contact with them. As a result, spectators can see their blue-green color and star-like reflection.

The best of Mosquito Bay, Vieques

In 2008, the Guinness Book of World Records declared Mosquito Bay as the brightest bay, increasing tourism in Puerto Rico. Bioluminescence is seasonal in some parts of the world, but this is not the case in Vieques Island, as the water glows neon all-year-round. So, the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico and the best time to go can be any time of the year as long as you go there when there is no moon present. The mangrove swamps that are the sources of food for the dinoflagellates and the light pollution that surrounds the bay are two significant factors of this true wonders in the country.

How to enjoy a Vieques bioluminescent bay tour

How to enjoy a Vieques bioluminescent bay tour

  • A tour comprises of two hours, which typically starts around sunset. The bioluminescent bay tour allows you to experience this rare environment and see the mangroves. As you kayak through the nightfall, you will have an amazing adventure of seeing the glowing microorganisms.
  • The best time to go is when there is less light to experience the luminescence. When planning your Mosquito bay trip, it must not be on a full moon night. While the water in Vieques may still glow, you can witness the movement effect of the dinoflagellates when it’s darker.
  • The brightness of the bay also depends on the water temperatures and the tides. It’s best to call the touring company in advance to know the brightness of the Vieques bioluminescent bay. It should be above 30% before the day of your tour.
  • Kayaking is the way to go to these eco-adventures. When paddling through the magical glowing waters, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes. Also, know that you cannot swim in the lagoon and bay for preservation purposes. Moreover, use DEET free mosquito repellent to avoid harming the organisms on the water.
  • As much as you like it, it would be useless to bring a camera with you when taking the bioluminescent bay tour as you will not be able to capture the exact glow. Focus on the real adventure and absorb the beauty of the moment.

When seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, choosing the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico is all worth it. You will have mystical and eco-friendly memories that can last a lifetime.