What to Look for When Buying Outdoor Industrial Lights fixtures?

A dark and dreary exterior not only makes your home look dull but also compromises its security. One simple way to spark your home charm and make it look more inviting is to add some outdoor light fixtures. 

With a wide range of outdoor industrial light options available on the market, it gets overwhelming to pick the right for your home or office. This guide will help you buy the right outdoor light fixtures that will give your exterior curb appeal.  

Here are the six things that you must consider when buying outdoor lighting fixtures:


The first thing you need to focus on about outdoor industrial light fixtures is their style. These industrial lights are manufactured in various types. Everyone has their style preference. Moreover, the design and color of your exterior also play a crucial role in deciding which industrial light style you need.

Whether you prefer vintage, elegant, contemporary, or angular style – the exterior industrial lights come in style to complement your preferred one. Generally, these lights are available in industrial, craftsman, traditional, transitional, farmhouse, and many more styles. 


The size of an industrial light fixture is a crucial deciding factor. However, it is often overlooked.  If you end up buying the wrong size, you’ll not only waste your money, but it can also impact your home appeal. Buy too large, and it will look clunky and dwarfy.

Install tiny fixtures, and the exterior will still be dark. What size of outdoor industrial light fixtures you need depends on the location you want to install them. Backyards and driveways usually require large-sized light fixtures, while the front door can go perfectly with small-sized ones. 

Colour Temperature

Whether you choose lights for your exterior on the interior, the color temperature is a significant factor. The light color temperature can effortlessly change the appeal of your space. The light color temperature ranges from neutral to warm.

While neutrals lights can make a place look dull and plain, warmer lights create a more welcoming ambiance. Outdoor industrial light fixtures with color temperatures ranging between 3000k to 5000k+ are considered ideal. 


When you are buying the outdoor light fixtures for your home or office, ask yourself one thing: How much light/illumination do you need? It means that you have to consider its brightness and its effect during the night.

Everyone wants to lighten up their exterior with the right amount of brightness without overbearing the space. The brightness of the light depends on the type of glass used to manufacture the bulb. Go for light fixtures that use frosted glass or opal glass bulbs. 

Outdoor Industrial Lights fixtures1

Mounting Height

The outdoor industrial light fixtures’ mounting height also impacts what type of light you need to install in your exterior. The height of the fixture directly affects the appeal.

The lights are mounted 66 to 72 feet high in the garage, porch, yards, or front door. So choose a light that illuminates the place well, even at this height.


Just like any other product, durability is also crucial for choosing industrial light fixtures. It becomes more relevant for light fixtures. It is because these fixtures are installed outside your house.

As a result, the fixtures have to face harsh weather and climate conditions. Therefore you must look for outdoor industrial light fixtures that come with durable and heavy-duty frames.

Four Reasons Why You Should Install Outdoor Industrial Lights

Outdoor industrial lights improve the appeal of your residential and commercial property. However, that’s not the only reason why every commercial and residential exterior must have outdoor industrial light fixtures. 

1. Security

Sites with dark and dreary exteriors are more prone to trespassing, vandalism, break-ins, and thefts. Often the owners can’t have someone to guard the place. It is valid for residential sites, as not everyone can afford security guards.

One easy and effective way to ward off your place from such threats is to install outdoor industrial light fixtures. By installing a motion sensor for outdoor lights, you can be at peace of mind knowing that your property is safe. 

Outdoor Industrial Lights fixtures2

2. Ensure Safety 

Dark and dim commercial and residential exteriors are one of the leading sites to cause accidents and injuries. A properly and well-lighted exterior prevents unseen hazards such as tripping over or hitting something.

The personal injury or property damage will cost you more than the light installation cost. Outdoor lights are nothing but an investment in your property. It prevents injuries and damages and, as a result, saves you from legal consequences and penalties. 

3. Prevents Pest Infestations

Do you know that bright and luminous outdoor lighting is effective pest control? Yes, you are reading it correctly! Outdoor lighting prevents pests such as skunks, raccoons, squirrels, and bats from entering and damaging your properties.

The lights ward off the pests and warn you by making them visible in the light. Outdoor lights help to ensure the safety of your property as well as your loved ones. 

4. Save Your Money

One of the most significant advantages of installing outdoor industrial light fixtures to your exterior is the considerable cut on your cists. When you install the exterior lights, you save yourself from the property insurance.

When you sign up for property insurance, the company takes into consideration everything. Depending upon the condition and security status of your property, the insurance companies quite a premium price. Properties that have exterior lights with good security tend to have low insurance prices.

So, if your insurance company is quoting you a high insurance price, get yourself outdoor lights and witness the price cut!

Wrap Up!

Industrial light fixtures are suitable for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Though some people find these light options a bit expensive, the reality is quite the opposite. Besides, there is nothing wrong with spending a couple of hundred dollars on exterior lighting.

When there are numerous benefits in return, instead of taking exterior light options as an expenditure, take it as a long-run investment. When your property looks secure, appealing, and welcoming, its value goes up automatically!