What Makes Dried Flowers the Biggest Wedding Floristry Trend?

Wedding decorations have always managed to catch up on a new trend. When it comes to floristry, dried flowers have garnered quite a bit of reputation as an essential element of decor. A plethora of textures, hues bleached in the sun, dried flowers are a perfect accessory to wedding decor–modern or traditional. They comprise of many unusual blooms that make your wedding day decoration worth its while when you pair them up along with other fresh flowers of the season. No doubt they are less vibrant and colourful when compared to the likes of roses, lilies and sunflowers; they sure do makeup with their muted and arm tones and can be moulded to different shapes and sizes as needed. Dried flowers form an excellent piece of designing element as hangings, centrepieces, bouquets, backdrop decor, boutonnieres and much more. Besides, they also bring in a lot of versatility to add to your delight.

While working with dried flowers, you have to be really selective as some of them work great for arrangements and bouquets while others are meant to adorn hangings and centrepieces for attraction. For instance, if you plan on making hair brands out of fired flowers, you need to ensure that you are not choosing something that drops petals all the time. Some of the popular choices for wedding decor include:

  • Purple Fountain grass
  • Ferns
  • Money Plant
  • Pussy Willow
  • Seed pods
  • Dried Roses and much more.

Why you can totally trust dried flowers for wedding decor

Why you can totally trust dried flowers for wedding decor
Every wedding has its own style and vibe. Some prefer to keep it traditional; some bring on the vintage look while others are keen on hosting a modern-day event. Dried flowers are an excellent choice no matter what kind of mood or style you prefer as they tend to impart their unique, minimalist touch to almost every event. Also, since they are extremely low on maintenance and needs no water, which gives them an upper hand against fresh bloomers that wither away the next day. Dried flowers are an excellent choice for weddings that are hosted in warm climates. Moreover, fresh flowers cost heavy on your pockets compared to dried flowers which when purchased in bulk can throw in some good amount of discount. Lastly, dry flowers are incredibly eco-friendly and can be a great keep safe for anyone who becomes a part of the wedding.

Pairing dry ones with the fresh blooms

Pairing dry ones with the fresh blooms
There are many who in spite of appreciating the idea of working with dry flowers will still not be convinced wholly. In such a scenario, it’s only worthwhile to know and consider pairing fried flowers with a handful of fresh blooms. For instance, dry grasses can go right along with bright daisies or sunflowers for that matter. Keeping the fresh blooms in a similar range of tones would also help impart a trendy yet organised look for any wedding decor you plan on trying.

Where do I find fried flowers?

A knowledgeable florist should be in a position to let you know which dried flowers can be the perfect choice for your wedding decor. Alternately, you can buy dried flowers online to get some good discount on bulk orders. If you are planning to include a lot of DIY decor items, use dried flowers and fresh ones sparingly, covering large areas of the wedding venue.
Where do I find fried flowers
Are you looking for wedding decor ideas? Have you considered dried flowers beside fresh ones? Drop us a line below and let us know of any tip that you might want to share. We would love to hear from you.