What is a Small Wood Chipper? And Why You Need One Right Now

Maintaining a yard can be quite tedious at times, especially if you need to handle trees as well. Only a few people have the patience to maintain it regularly by themselves. And if you have trees, it’s best to have access to a small wood chipper near you for convenience.

Trees can add to your clean-up problems when you have to cut the tree, partly or as a whole, on purpose or it falls by accident, naturally or not. Cleaning up large tree limbs, trunks or branches is difficult, especially if you need to move them somewhere else. This is the main reason why you need to own a reliable wood chipper on your storage room.

What is a Small Wood Chipper?

What is a Small Wood Chipper

A small wood chipper is basically a machine that turns large chunks of wood into smaller pieces, or wood chips. Generally, wood chippers come in different sizes but small wood chippers is best for residential uses. The main reason for that is due to its portability while getting the job done.

Wood chippers are also known as tree chippers and they can be operated in three ways: Diesel or Petrol Engine, Electric, and Power Take-Off (PTO). They also have different types of cutting materials, which can be Drum, Screw, or Disk. Though they come in different types, they still get the job done and it all comes down to personal preferences.

Benefits of Small Wood Chippers

With all that said, you should already probably know why you need wood chippers right now. You might even consider having one for other reasons, aside from just cutting wood to smaller sections.

Here are some of the benefits you can get when you use small wood chippers.

1. Clean-Up Convenience

The main purpose for small wood chippers is to make wood chips. In cleaning up dead trees, it’s hard to move them around and quite difficult to dispose from your yard. Using wood chippers would significantly reduce the work needed and handle the waste much easier.

However, wood chips don’t have to go to waste, as you can still make it useful for many reasons. You can even make a profit for them. Even so, wood chippers are beneficial to your work, whether you’re a regular homeowner or a professional, such as an arborist or landscaper.

2. Saves You Money

Many people choose to hire professional tree services nearby to take care of fallen trees for them. You actually don’t have to pay someone if you have your own wood chipper in your home. You can just put the dead tree on the machine, and clean up the mess yourself.

Unless you’re old or the tree is huge that you cannot carry or chop it on your own, a small wood chipper is an excellent investment to make. Furthermore, if you’re not fond of trees and have some trees in your yard, it’s best to have it removed at your convenient time. Small wood chippers are handy to people who takes care of trees in their yard.

3. Portable

Hearing of wood chippers, you might be thinking of those big machines that companies use to clear a land. That is one for commercial use, but there are small wood chippers that are perfect for residential use. You don’t have to worry about making too much space in your storage room for the equipment.

Small wood chippers come in different sizes and in different power ranges. That means you can choose the perfect wood chipper for your yard and move it around where you like. With its sturdy chassis and big wheels, you can move it on rough terrains and even attach it to a vehicle for more convenience in case of area transfer.

4. Recycle Waste Materials

Aside from keeping all of your work neat and simple, small wood chippers are essential to helping the environment. This is significant to people who own big yards or have a lot of trees to take care. However, there are a few things you can do with your wood chips instead of throwing them out.

Here are a few useful ideas you can do with your wood chips after going through the wood chipper.


  • Mulch. You can use wood chips as mulch for your soil in your garden or anywhere in your yard. Wood chips are directly from nature itself, making it a great substance for your soil. However, you need to do a bit of research about how to incorporate wood chips as mulch for your soil. This is for safety reasons, which is to prevent other plants and even you from getting damaged, such as termites and diseases that the dead tree might have had.
  • Pressed Wood. This is great news for people who love to build, whether as a profession or a hobby. Wood chips are excellent sources for pressed wood that are used for furniture or any other wooden materials useful for your home. If you can’t use it for your own use, you can give it away to companies or other people who need it, either for free or for a certain price.
  • Fuel. Aside from wooden furniture, you can also give wood chips as biofuel for anyone who needs it. This can be a great way to make a small profit for yourself, or you can use it for certain occasions. You can use wood chips for cooking barbeque or for your backyard fire pit for a warm environment. You can also use it as fuel for personal uses, as long as you’re using it in a safe and legal way.

The Bottom Line

Small wood chippers can be quite pricey at first, but the benefits you’ll receive is totally worth it. These equipment are one of the best investments you can have in your home. You benefit from it through simplified clean-up routine, and your environment benefits from it as well. Just make sure to store it securely and make wood chips useful all the time!