Want to Plan Your Wedding in a Different City than Your Own? Read These Tips First

Congratulations on getting engaged! But now comes the time to plan for your big day, and that’s always a challenge. Things are made more difficult when you want to plan a wedding in a different city. However, it is possible, and there are ways to make things easier for yourself. There are some crucial mistakes that you need to avoid at all costs, though, if you don’t want the whole event to end in disaster. If you want to plan your wedding for a different city than your own, here are a few tips that you should follow

Know What You Want Before You Do Anything Else

Before you start hiring wedding planners or booking musicians, have a complete vision of what you want. How many people will attend? Do you want to have a sit-down dinner, dancing and a massive party after you exchange vows? Do you want to hire a band or a DJ?
Know What You Want Before You Do Anything Else
Sketch out your vision, so that you can find a wedding planner who can deliver it. They can help you work out the little details like set design, colors and band. They’ll also help you find a venue that can accommodate everything you want to do.

Hire Local Wedding Planners

Hiring a wedding planner based in the city where you want to hold the wedding. For example, if you want to hold your wedding in the Twin Cities, then hire event planners Minneapolis based. They’ll know the best caterers, photographers and other service providers in the area.

Furthermore, they may be able to take advantage of volume discounts local wedding planners that an out-of-town wedding planner can’t. They’ll also be able to handle issues face to face and serve as your proxy representative. Note that this means you’ll want to find someone who matches your personality as well as your budget. Then they can recommend vendors and final products that you’re almost certain to like.

Plan for the Weather

Are you getting married at the peak of summer or the coldest part of winter? Then an outdoor wedding may not be a good idea. If it will be hot during the ceremony or reception, don’t wear heavy fabrics and make arrangements so that everyone can keep cool. Or you can hold the wedding and reception in the evening instead of during the heat of the day. Have backup plans to accommodate shifts in weather such as deciding in advance what you’ll do if it rains or snows.
Plan for the Weather

Establish a Home Base

You want to meet with suppliers at least once before the wedding, whether you’re picking out a cake or trying on the dress. Your wedding planner is probably gathering things together for you, too. This makes it a good idea to establish a home base. This is somewhere where you can store everything for the wedding before it happens. Ideally, it is a family member’s home or a friend’s house where you can stay when you’re in town, too. Alternatively, you could rent a house or book a hotel suite.

Planning a wedding is always a challenge, even more so when it’s in a city you’re not familiar with. But, if you follow our tips, you’ll simplify the complexity of it and be able to enjoy the wedding of your dreams.