Tips in Choosing Wedding Jewelry

The average U.S. wedding costs roughly around USD 33,391. Much of the expenses are usually spent on the wedding dress, reception band or music, venue, and wedding jewelry.

Bridal jewelry usually consists of wedding rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, accounted for about USD 1,800 in the general wedding budget. While brides are always preoccupied with essential duties, disregarding crucial jewelry considerations may set you up for an extended wedding night.

Choosing the right Bridal Jewelry can amp up the beauty of your outfit and accentuate your overall appearance. Consider these simple yet essential tips in picking a wedding accessory that will add a pop of color to your wedding.

Complement Your Wedding Gown

Securing a wedding gown will help you find the best bridal jewelry at Perfect Details. A white dress looks best with silver and platinum jewelry pieces, while ivory and champagne complement well with gold and warm tones, respectively.
Complement Your Wedding Gown
Burnished silver with rhinestones also works if you are putting together a vintage-inspired look. Meanwhile, a blush gown primarily works with a soft pink metal cast.

The neckline of your gown also plays a critical role in framing your face. A dress with a strapless or sweetheart neckline will work best with a shorter or choker necklace. You can also pair it with chandelier earrings and add fresh flowers to make a statement.

For V-neck dresses, choose a choker and layer it with a pendant for a delicate look. Pairing the necklace with small or dangling earrings will also look well, depending on your hairstyle.

Dresses with halter or reverse halter designs will work well if you add combs, pins, and vines on your hair. These can be floral, bejeweled, birdcage veil, or sleek depending on the look you are trying to pull off.

Wearing bridal jewelry that matches your gown will make you look more put-together. This is because bracelets, brooches, earrings, and necklaces all follow a pattern that is set to come up with a harmonious look.

Define Your Budget

Budgeting is fundamental and the most effective tool in ensuring effective management. Most individuals, especially soon-to-be-brides, ignore it because of additional work.
Define Your Budget
Setting a budget enables you to determine the amount that should be spent in each area to stay within the overall budget. It also helps you narrow down choices of bridal jewelry, ensuring that you pick a piece that directly suits your preferences.

Do Not Overdo It

The rule of thumb is that jewelry should never overshadow you regardless of how tantalizing it is. Keep your pieces to a bare minimum and make sure that it will not detract you.

Your jewelry should be a beautiful reflection of who you are. Thoroughly examine your face and body frame to find a piece of jewelry that highlights your features well.
Wedding jwellery
Considering the time of the wedding will also help find the appropriate bridal jewelry. Opt for vintage designs on daytime weddings as ornate jewelry might look a little over the top.

If unsure, go for the classic pearl whites, diamonds, or the crystal hair comb from Perfect Details. Avoid wearing ordinary jewelry and never leave your creativity to ensure a stunning look.