Things You Must Sell Before You Move to Your New Home

Moving to a new home is a big event in one’s life. It is an opportunity to have a totally new life and one can re-work on their idea of living. While moving your house, It should be taken as a chance to make a new inventory of items and get rid of old stuff. The idea of selling some of your old items and belongings is to get rid of the items that weigh you down and are not much of use.

Moving presents new opportunities in life; you get chances to get rid of clutter that is weighing you down. It’s a perfect way to free up space inviting new items and memories. The clutter can also add extra coins as you can sell old appliances, furniture and items you don’t need. However, moving day might come prior before you’re done selling the items. The perfect solution comes by having a storage solution to declutter your house. Homeowners can get good-size space to store the stuff and sell to prospective buyers without any hurry. The clutter will go for better prices and reduce the tension of quick sales at low prices.

Consider selling of some unwanted items before moving and purchase again once you’re settled in as it is a good way to lessen your load on the moving day, and can actually make you some good money if done right. In fact, you may find that a lot of items that you sold off while moving, you don’t even need to buy again once you’re settled in.The bigger your inventory size is, the more expensive your move is going to cost. It’s in your best interest to start the pre-moving purge process as the more belongings you have to pack, the longer your preparations will take.

The main goal behind selling these items, is to acuminate the things that are not of any value in their current state and so that you can replace them with things that may be useful.

Here is the list of the items that the best moving companies suggest you can consider selling before moving:


Many appliances are heavy, unruly, and difficult to move safely. In fact, it’s also expensive to pack them and transport. Sometimes, the cost of buying these appliances later on is much less than the cost to move and install an older model. Even if you really need these appliances at your new home, then consider that it may be more cost effective tosell old appliances for a bit of cash and put that money toward buying replacement appliances after you’ve moved.


Furniture is another thing that should be sold off because it will be cheaper to sell it at your old place than to pack it and move. With the money earned, you can buy a new set of furniture at your new home. It’s sensible to sell the furniture that is old, outdated and if no sentiments are attached and use that money in buying a replacement for it.


Almost all of us have a pile of clothes that we do not wear, so it’s a good idea to clean your closet and take less trash to your new home. Get rid of these unwanted clothes and sell them off. If there are any items that you haven’t worn or used in a year, if it doesn’t fit, or if it’s doesn’t match your style, sell it through a resale or consignment shop and get it a good amount in return. The same applies to shoes, purses, jackets, jewelry, and bridal wear. All this stuff can usually be sold provided they are in good condition.


Many people have the habit of keeping extra towels and linens in their storage. It is highly advisable to sell these new towels and linens as this will make a good amount of money plus you will not have any extra things to pack and transport. It will save both energy and money and also at your new home, your storage space will not get wasted in storing items that you do not even use often. There’s an always a market for selling vintage and antique linens if they are in good condition, and the rest of the linens can be donated too.


Make a list of all the stuff which is no longer in use that includes old toys, books, gadgets, and electronics. While sorting the things for packing, you will come across many things that are not even been touched once. Many items we get as gifts but those are not of our choice. Just make a list and sell these things and make money.


If you are all se to sell off your unwanted and unused stuff, here are some great ways you can try to make money:

  • You can consign clothing, furniture, accessories etc. at your local consignment stores.
  • The main benefit of consigning is that the consigner will do the heavy lifting for you and you won’t have to bother with listing the item online and meeting with buyers.
  • You can trade in your electronic items at various trade-In programs offered by well-known chain in stores. This way you will get rid of your electronic clutter and you can get the new item delivered at your new address.
  • Garage sale is another good option to sell your unwanted belongings. But plan a garage sale if you have plenty of time in hand before moving date as it may take longer than usual to sell all the stuff displayed.
  • Last is online buyers, you can upload information and the pictures of your items with price tags on various websites that deals in trading old stuff.So, now that you know how to make money from your old items and what exactly you can sell, go ahead and minimize the size of your inventory.