Things to Do in Perth

Perth is the largest city and capital of Western Australia State in Australia. It is a major business hub being home to several corporations. This vibrancy translates it to having one of the largest populations in this massive island country ranking fourth.

Being proximal to the beach the metropolitan attracts several visitors who come to have a taste of its summer sun. There are several other attraction in Perth that you can experience as summarized below.

The Bell Tower

You can start exploring Perth by visiting the swan bell tower commonly known as the bell tower. The tower is a tall structure made out of copper and glass with a set of 18 bells attached to it and given the name swan bells.

The Bell Tower

The structure is of historical importance as twelve of the bells can be traced back to the 14th century with some recasting one in the 16th century courtesy of an order from Queen Elizabeth I. The bells also passed by the Rudhall family’s hands, the bell founders of Gloucester who also did some recasts between 1725 and 1770.

The site is serene and nice for photography especially during sunsets or early in the morning with the rising sun.

Visit Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach in the western part of Australia is one place you have to visit. It ranks among the best Perth beaches with vibrancy and plenty of activities to take art it being contributing factors to its popularity.

The beach is divided into three areas with one third for swimming, the other for snorkeling and the remaining part for surfing. These are some activities that you can engage in depending on your preference. If you are new to surfing, there is a surfing school to help you out as a beginner in this thrilling sport.

Visit Cottesloe Beach

Have A Moment Exploring Nature At Kings Park Botanical Garden

If you love nature or want a moment of bird watching then King’s park botanical garden is the place to visit. The park overlooks the Perth water section of the Swan River and part of Perth’s central business district.

The park is home to a large number of plant, fungi and bird species that make up its ecosystem. Other attractions to the park include the state war memorial, the aboriginal art gallery, the DNA tower, and various walks.

This is a nice area to take a calm stroll, outdoor exercising or take awesome photos.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane At The Fremantle Prison

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane At The Fremantle Prison

You can go deep down Western Australia’s memory to way back when it was a penal colony with the Fremantle prison being a relic from this time. The orison is a world heritage site consisting of cellblocks, tunnels, perimeter walls and cottages which once housed convicts from Great Britain. You can learn more from its architecture, convict database and have a worthy tie at the café refreshing up. Additionally, you can get some souvenirs from the gift shop in its vicinity.


These are some of the laces that you can visit while in Perth. The city has a lot to offer and you definitely will have loads of fun in the Western Australian state