The Perfect Pair of Moccasins for Any Occasion

Canada shines at the top of North America and boasts of an array of attractions. From its dreamy arctics to its bustling megacities and artistic culture, there are plenty of reasons why this country is on top of millions of people’s bucket lists. But it is not just its present culture that sparks curiosity. Canada’s long-winded and complicated past involved groups of indigenous people who traversed through its arctic expanse. Their legacy includes cultural gems that remain relevant in many Canadians’ lives.

Although clothing was purely practical in the past, the contemporary fashion culture bridges practicality and flair. There is an importance for clothing to elude self-expression and comfort. That is why moccasins in Canada remain essential in many people’s wardrobes. They are stylish, practical, and homage to indigenous roots. People from all over the globe can enjoy these slip-on wonders, thanks to their availability online. There are so many options to choose from, and this guide will help you pick out the perfect pair for the function that you are awaiting.

For Everyday


Owning an everyday pair of shoes is a life-changer. There are three qualities that you need to look out for when choosing one: versatility, comfort, and practicality. Moccasins are incredibly comfortable, as they contain soft soles that allow you to wade through Canada’s streets without feeling any pain. Unlike other styles of shoes, moccasins in Canada have no break-in period so that you can wear them straight from the mail.

Depending on your style, a particular color may be more versatile than another. Your safest bet is to go for a pair of brown, black, or white moccasins, in a canoe or boot style, as they pair well with any outfit. As for practicality, think of the weather conditions around your area. If it rains a lot, then opt for a grainy leather, as suede does not fare well with the rain.

For Formal Occasions


A pair of moccasins is a comfortable, but equally professional alternative shoe style for formal occasions. Whether it is business casual, corporate, or formal, a pair goes a long way in the professional world. Opt for a canoe style, which looks similar to a pair of loafers, but is significantly more comfortable. They can be worn for any business function and can take the place of your daily work shoe. You will also be able to find moccasins in Canada that look like a pair of flats. However, they are made with an unlined footbed, making them more breathable and more comfortable to wear. If you are not a big fan of heels, then moccasins will also pair well with jumpsuits, trousers, skirts, and dresses!

For Cold and Warm Weather

Canadian winters are chilly, especially when you live in the northern regions bordering the arctic. Moccasins are fantastic winter shoes that are wearable in the harshest winters. The indigenous people of the past wore heavier duty versions of this shoe to survive in the icy terrain. However, as you are unlikely to be stepping foot on the heart of the frigid north, a contemporary pair of fur-lined moccasins is more than enough to keep your feet warm throughout winter. In the summer, opt for fur-less moccasins to skip around Canada’s art district without sweaty feet!

Moccasins are classic pairs of shoes that bring with them the legacy of Canada’s indigenous culture. Do not miss out on the comfort and versatility of these shoes by introducing a pair to your wardrobe. You will begin to love the way they look and feel.