Reasons to Visit My Son, Vietnam

My Son is located along the central coast of Vietnam and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of those ancient ruins of the Cham Empire. What makes it a point of great interest among the tourists as well as historians is the massive cluster of ruined architecture and stone sculptures of the early Champa tribe.

One of the most comfortable ways to reach My Son is on a car, and one can hire Toyota Innova, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Transit from Da Nang to My Son, and the charges include taxes, tolls, and service charges. Confirm hotel pick up when you book a car when you plan a trip to My Son. The driver will wait for about 3-4 hours at My Son sanctuary, before driving you back to your hotel in Da Nang. Many tourists also rent a motorbike from Hue, Hanoi, or Da Nang to reach My Son.

Son, Vietnam

There are many reasons to visit the My Son Hindu Sanctuary that features sculptures, temples, and ancient ruins. It is not just the history buffs and lovers of architecture that find those ancient ruins alluding, but even common travelers who love to explore those abandoned and partially ruined buildings and feel as if they have been transported back in time.

  • My Son, the UNESCO Heritage Site is said to be the lengthiest occupied archaeological site in Indochina. The site was destroyed during the Second Indochina War.
  • My Son is well famous as one of the leading Hindu temple centers in SE Asia, and a significant heritage location of this nature in Vietnam. It stands as a symbol of an extinct Asian civilization.
  • Champa kingdom and Cham ethnic group built those Hindu temple complexes that thrived from the 3rd century until 1832. The temples built of wood are dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva.
  • The temple complexes of Mỹ Sơn are surrounded by mountains covered in thick jungle. The Bon river, a holy river, is believed to be the source of the mountains and flows through the temple site. Explore those jungles and feel one with nature.
  • Visit the Champa museums that preserve the sculptures from the surrounding ruins and describe many of the artifacts. It is a good idea to visit the museum briefly before you explore the temple ruins for a better understanding.
  • There is a lake that is formed of the different streams running through My Son and is known as the My Son lake. The unspoiled lake is ideal for kayaking, and one can take a guided hiking tour around the lake.
  • A boat trip to the Kim Bong Carpentry Village educates you about the unique carpentry styles, and one can take back some local handicrafts as souvenirs.
  • Enjoy traditional dances and other displays organized for the tour groups on the stage. It is indeed a joy to watch those traditional performances.
  • Before you leave My Son, visit the souvenir shop within the that sells some items from Champa culture, Vietnam souvenirs and local handicrafts made of wood.

When exploring My Son, just stick to your tour and clearly-marked walking tracks and avoid wandering too far. The area is indeed free and completely clear of any unexploded mines or shells, it is still better to be careful. As for food, you will not face any problem as there are several Vietnamese style road-side cafes where one can eat and drink on the way from Hoi Anor Da Nang to My Son.

Visit My Son, Vietnam

My Son, its ancient ruins, and surrounding another are indeed worth visiting. Do not miss the chance to explore ancient architectural ruins that lie right in the middle of the vast forests!