Prepaway – Tips that Work in Acing Amazon AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a certification that best reflects the responsibilities and competencies of an individual delving into a developer job role. Its AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential is among the three certifications at the associate level along with the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator and AWS Certified Solutions Architect. As a high-paying certification, the number of professionals deciding to acquire the AWS Certified Developer – Associate credential increases year by year. Hence, updates are made to meet the best AWS services and practices with the demands of the dynamic industry.

Since AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam has been recently updated, the areas that are tested include Security Development with AWS Services, Deployment along with Monitoring & Troubleshooting.

As they say, anyone who has failed to prepare for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam has basically prepared to fail. If you don’t wish to have this old saying applied on to you, you better prepare to pass using these tips we’ve grouped together. It’s not rocket science; you can pass this newly-updated AWS certification exam by knowing where to spend your energy on. Here’s where.

Gain practical experience using AWS

Gain practical experience using AWS

There’s a lot to learn from your years of experience using AWS. If you haven’t had an adequate hands-on experience yet, then it would be best for you to first have one before sliding on to the associate exam. The power of such practical experience, even for a year or two alone, can make a tremendous impact on your approach to the exam questions. Knowing how to design and maintain AWS-based applications, for one, will really make a long way. It also does good to be already acquainted with the foundational AWS services, practices, uses, and the like. No matter how the questions will appear on the exam, you are prepared to answer it through the help of a lasting and deeply-rooted, practical, not just bookish knowledge. It is a recommended step for any individual who plans to broaden their technical knowledge and skills.

Never leave the blueprint unscathed

About the worst move, you can forget is going over the exam blueprint. There’s just no way for you to pass the exam without having spent time reviewing over this highly-important material. It’s as good as not preparing as you have no definite target to aim your arrow on. Similarly, it’s also a big no-no to inattentively scan over the blueprint. You need to be serious in learning what the technical domains are and how much percentage is allocated to each. In addition, knowing the details of the exam, such as the types of questions, time allocated for the exam and exam price will serve you good and be real motivators to prepare for the exam efficiently. So, the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam contains multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions, that are to be done in 130 minutes. The test will cost you $150.

Schedule the exam at the right time

A common mistake many individuals commit is scheduling their exams without considering how much preparation time is left. You have to be extra careful in scheduling your exam as this can also determine your success or failure. Rushing won’t do any good to your test performance, most especially if you’re starting from scratch. Remember, you still have a job to attend to as well as other personal matters. So, as early as possible, always try to know how much time is enough for you to cover all subjects. Vacate weeks before the exam day so that you have an adequate amount of time to prepare yourself. However, don’t wait for too long that you’ll forget everything you’ve studied for.

Consider attending an AWS Training Class

It really pays to take an AWS training class. Since the learning you will get is coming from AWS itself, then you’ll be assured that it’s not a fly-by-night source. By attending these classes, you are watering your roots to grow your AWS proficiency. Through this, you’ll learn more about its platform services and the key topics covered in the exam.

Always get hands-on with a lab environment

Those who exert their time and effort in practicing in a lab environment mean business. They know just what is at stake when they fail to do so. You can always build and run your own lab by accessing affordable and readily-available lab resources.

Take time to visit reputable online course sites

Different websites suggest a variety of learning materials. Yet, always keep in mind that quantity never equates quality. So only opt for course websites that are supported by credible IT organizations and experts. A Cloud Guru (ACG) has been an extremely informative resource in guiding test-takers for the AWS associate exam. To mention others are also Linux Academy and Coursera.

Read forums daily

Pieces of advice are jammed in many online forums. Usually, the members of the forum are also test-takers who have already passed the certification exam. They can give you recommendations as to what not and what to do before and during the exam day. Other people who are also about to take the associate exam can address important information on particular points to you. This will be helpful in enabling you to smoothly take the exam.

Invest in a high-quality practice exam

How do you prevent your technical understanding of the AWS exam from becoming stagnant? You sprinkle it with new information daily. And what study material will exactly give you that? Practice exams. By touching on a credible practice exam, you are giving yourself an idea on how the actual exam will look and feel like. You can test your knowledge in one of PrepAway’s practice exams. PrepAway supplies several questions that are closely similar to the actual test. If you have no idea whether you are prepared for the upcoming exam, then this material will answer it for you! Besides, you’ll learn about the format of the questions and exam, as well as its scope.

Let these tips be your ally in preparing for AWS’ internationally-prestigious associate-level certification. Sooner or later, you’ll be acquiring your own and watching it do wonders in your career.