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Before the inception of the internet, the world was a very different place. People were not connected 24/7 and information did not travel at the speed it does today. Nowadays, even a small rumor spreads like wildfire in a matter of hours. However, in the beginning, networking was not as robust and there was a lot of room for improvement. Slowly and gradually, advancements were made in the field and now we are completely surrounded by networks. When you talk about the top networking companies of today then you will have to mention Cisco. Being a leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions, it offers certifications for IT specialists. The credentials issued by Cisco are for any taste – from beginners to experts. So, if you have a stable interest in making a career in networking, and you laid your eyes on Cisco credentials, this article is what you need. Let’s see which benefits Cisco certifications can bring you.

All Cisco Certifications that You Can Choose From

Cisco Certifications
Cisco certifications fall into five levels, each further level is higher than the previous one, meaning that you upgrade your skills getting higher and higher. Eyeing for a Cisco certification is not for everyone because it requires a lot of perseverance and a clear state of mind. However, if you are able to pull through, then you will be in for a treat.

So, the first certification level is the Entry level and as the name suggests, this level is for absolute beginners. Most of the things covered on this level revolve around basic information and prepare you for the entry-level support positions. The two certifications offered at this level are CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) and CCT.

The next level is the associate level certification. It equips you with the basic skills necessary to complete the tasks related to wired and wireless networks. Such credentials are essential for making a career of network engineer, network administrator, systems administrator, IT director, among many. You will find two certifications in the category namely the CCNA and CCDA. The CCNA R&S certification is one of the most sought-after among candidates.

If you decide to advance your skills, the CCNP credential is for you. There are two paths to follow, wither CCNP or CCDP. To gain any of them, you need to pass three or four exams. Their number depends on the category you are opting for security, design, cyber ops, routing & switching, data center, etc. The CCNP certification testifies that you are able to complete the tasks that deal with the local networks as well as wide-area networks. To earn these certifications, you will need both practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the particular domain.

The Expert level includes the CCIE and CCDE certifications. To gain any you have to pass a written exam and a lab exam. The credential proves that you are proficient in working with modern networking technologies and possess skills to complete complex and challenging tasks in a short span of time. Getting the certification of such level is a real benefit to your IT career.
The Architect level is the highest in the Cisco Certification Program. It allows you to make a career of Sr. Network Infrastructure Architect. It’s the most difficult one to achieve.

The exams are computer generated therefore there is no way to be sure which questions are actually going to appear on the exam. The best bet in this situation is to prepare for everything and hope that you haven’t missed anything in the process.

The job you get will heavily depend on the certification path that you have chosen. Salaries also vary and according to ITCareerFinder website, the CCNA Security certified specialists earn around $78,000 annually. Whereas people with the CCIE Security certification can earn up to $130,000 per year. These facts testify that the future for any Cisco certified individual looks very prosperous. In the IT world, you can build a successful career only if you are interested in upgrading your skills. With Cisco certifications, you can do just that.

Exam-Labs – Website to Check

Exam-Labs – Website to Check
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Cisco certifications can change the life of any individual who is interested in networking. Since it’s a continuously growing field you need to advance your skills. With Cisco Certification Program it’s easy for you to build a career of your dream. Having the basic knowledge of networking, and checking Exam-Labs website it will be easy for you to ace the required certification exams. To sum up, being validated by Cisco means that you have what it takes to become a skillful worker.