Men’s Fashion: Style Guide for 2019 and Beyond

Men’s fashion is exciting with a variety of choices in fashion brands seen in the mannequin guide. Today’s man is paying attention to how he dresses. He is actively involved in every new trend for each season.

The last few years have seen men’s fashion become a boom all over the world. Every season is bringing in unique styles, shapes, and colors. If you are a man who enjoys appearing flawless on every occasion, you can upgrade your fashion game with the style guide below.

Several style movements are dominating the men’s fashion world. You can enjoy being fashionable with a wardrobe full of great fashion pieces. Some of the style trends dominating the fashion world for men include:

Mismatched Prints

Mismatched Prints

The mismatched print is a trend that is turning heads in men’s fashion today. This is where you have one bold print dominating the whole combination, and an added print to mash it all. Perhaps you’ve already seen this trend with female fashion, but it’s gaining momentum in men’s fashion too.

A maximalist expression, mismatched prints are going to inspire a lot of outfits in men’s fashion. Watch out for fashion magazine covers! You can start experimenting with this trend too. Use the mannequin guide to help you display this exquisite trend and use your window exposition to the maximum.

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants bring about both creativity and bold statement in your outfit. This trend is already reigning on social media, and a lot of men are bound to try it out. It is a fashion that’s bit edgy but still rules the current fashion industry. The different styles and colors of plaid pants allow you to match them with anything in your wardrobe.

Cropped Trousers

Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers have ruled women’s fashion since 2018. But starting this year, it is slowly taking over the men’s wardrobe. More men are embracing showing some skin in the hot summer. You can use cropped trousers to keep a casual feel with comfortable flip flops or emphasize that cool pair of sneakers in your wardrobe.

Quarter Socks

This statement accessory goes well with your cropped trousers. You can choose no-show socks or high socks, depending on your fashion style and preference. Every pair of socks is meant to match your outfit. They are a vital part of every combination, especially if you want to show them off while walking around. Always choose those that will highlight your personality as well as your outfit.

Vintage Watches

Classic watches, sports watches, all these are statement accessories in men’s fashion. But vintage watches are storming the fashion space for men. They can match every outfit, considering that they are super chic. They are not so bold though; therefore, they will not steal attention from the rest of your outfit. But, they are going to give your entire combination a special touch. Always choose quality over design when selecting your vintage watch.

Here is a style guide for the best style tips to give you a seasonal look for 2019 and beyond:

Be Bold

If you want to be bold and stay ahead of fashion in 2019, the anticipated trend is the Bengal shirt. Bengal shirts are versatile and hang down up to the knee.

The most significant statement about Bengal shirts is the uneven tuck. You can leave one side of the shirt loos and the other tucked in for an edgy look.

If you opt for this type of shirt, get one with stripes or any other defining pattern.

Dress for the Holidays

Dress for the Holidays

Pastel pinks, tie-dye, or yellows are often the solid choice for holidays like Easter and more. Tie-dye always carries with it some cultural consciousness. You can shop for a lightweight.

Designers are making tie-dye designs with cool color palettes of purples and blues. It gives you a hazy pastel look which is perfect for the holidays.

Know Your Colors

There are seasons like summer when you need to give your wardrobe some color. It may not be easy to find the perfect shirt that will accentuate your personality. So you have to learn a little about color to do your closet some justice.

Choose the color profile that suits you best. You can decide on a cool color palette with colors like blues, greens, and purples. For a warm palette, go for the oranges and reds. Neutral palettes will always be beiges, blacks, and whites.

Choose a color profile that goes well with your skin tone, hair color, and the level of contrast. Please don’t wear red blazers with yellow pants. Always choose a pop of color you can pair with another neutral outfit.

Suit Up

Designers keep changing men’s suits trends every time. You can add some color to your suit collection and remain professional.