Here are 5 Apps That Work With Shopify POS to Improve Your Retail Experience

Whether on your online shop or at your physical store, you would like some tools that enhance the customer experience. Here we look at five tools for Shopify POS that aid in customer engagement and communication.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS helps you sell at physical stores, makes your checkout process quick and easy. It provides inventory support, updates sales, and stocks in real time, captures customer information, records employee information, and a lot more.

Integrate your online and offline operations, sell at your permanent stores, sell online, pop-up stores, marketplaces like Amazon, social media sites, etc. Connect all your sales channels and integrate them for a smooth flow and data sharing. Shopify POS provides different plans to suit your needs.

Five Apps to Enhance Customer Experience

Here are some apps you can check out to integrate with your Shopify POS system and enhance your services.

POWr Form Builder + Mailchimp Forms

POWr Form Builder + Mailchimp Forms
Use the POWr Form Builder to build a variety of forms, to capture the required information. You can create many different forms with it, and get notified through email or text message whenever a form submission is made.

You can play around with 20 different elements while setting up your form. This gives you the versatility to create subscription forms, order forms, sign up forms, survey forms, returns forms, feedback forms, etc. You can place your form anywhere you want to on the page, or show it on a popup when a button is clicked.

Form data is stored in Google Sheets. Export the form data as CSV, integrate your forms with MailChimp. POWr makes communicating with your customers an easy process – both for you and your customers.

Gatsby-Rethink Influencers

Gatsby-Rethink Influencers
Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach out to a wider audience who will be interested in your products/services. But, you have to identify the right sort of influencers first.

Gatsby speeds up this process. The app adds Instagram Capture to your POS and website.

It then matches customer profiles against Instagram profiles. Once it identifies your customers on Instagram, it then finds their follower size, their engagement levels, etc.

Gatsby identifies the best influencers for your products and then automatically sends a two-way email intro to the identified influencers. This app makes the process of finding your best Instagram influencers and connecting with them an easy task, helping to increase your reach and engagement levels.

Rewards and Referrals by Swell

Rewards and Referrals by Swell
Your repeat customers are special, they bring you more revenue as they spend more than casual visitors. You can set up a rewards program to retain these loyal customers and to induce more visitors to become repeat customers.

Swell’s Rewards and Referrals app makes it easy to set up several types of reward programs – rewards for referring friends to the store, rewards for making more purchases, rewards for creating an account at your store, etc.

This app is free to use for the first 100 orders. After that, you can still try it free for 30 days before subscribing. It’s very easy to set up and use, and you get deep customization with the paid version. Swell is also a Shopify Plus Technology Partner.

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile Rewards & Loyalty
Smile lets you set up Loyalty Points Programs, Referral Programs, and VIP Programs. They offer Free and Paid options.

Smile Rewards & Loyalty is very easy to configure and use. You can customize the design of forms, emails, etc to reflect your brand. You can also easily integrate this app with other tools like MailChimp, Privy, and your POS as well.

. In the free plan, you can set up Loyalty Programs and Referral Programs for free. You also get basic design customization.

With the Paid Plans, you get advanced customization to design the program elements to reflect your brand. You can also set up a VIP Program in addition to Loyalty and Referral Programs.


Shopify allows you to sell various types of products and services. So, depending on what you’re selling, the prices may not always be obvious. Your customer may have to create a quote with the specifications of what they want. You then send an invoice with the price.

Qteedy enables your customers to create the quotes right in your Shopify store, using an easy interface. They can speedily create quotes and send it to you. You can then look at the quote, adjust prices according to the customer and then send back an invoice with the price.

Qteedy can also automatically create an order once you’ve sent the invoice.

Shopify and Shopify POS provide you all the tools you need to sell online or at your brick & mortar. It allows you to integrate your cross-channel operations and also manage multiple stores. Adding these tools to your Shopify’s eCommerce setup and POS can help you engage with your customers more effectively.