Gold, Silver, or Platinum Wedding Ring? How to Decide What’s Right for You

Planning a wedding is a challenging and engaging task. However, most of the things you do for your wedding are momentary and transient. But your wedding rings last forever! Hence, choosing the perfect wedding ring is not an easy task. There are many factors that affect the choice of a wedding ring. But, the right choice of metal is instrumental in choosing the perfect wedding ring. If your partner is traditional and prefers a gold, silver, or platinum ring, things get somewhat easier. There are a lot of stores like EraGem that offer vintage bridal jewelry and wedding rings. However, if you’re into something modern, there’s no dearth of options! You can get the traditional metals or go for the contemporary rose gold, yellow gold, and palladium options. Still confused over what to choose? Consider the following factors before you decide what’s right for you.


The wedding ring is a symbol of love and togetherness. Hence, it is essential that you buy a ring that lasts forever. This means investing in good quality metals and stones. When choosing a wedding ring, costs can run high. You may end up paying more for your ring or find a ring that you can’t afford! It’s always better to set a fixed budget for the wedding ring and try to stick to it. Platinum and gold rings are more durable and hence cost a lot. Silver, in comparison, is a more suitable choice for a smaller budget.



The wedding ring is a piece of jewelry that you’ll wear every day and use for years to come. Hence, it is important that your ring stands the test of time! The choice of metal does affect the durability of your ring. Gold and silver are soft metals with a long history.

They are known for their durability, shine, and rich color. It is the traditional choice of metal for wedding rings. However, platinum too has gained popularity in recent years. It is a heavy, strong metal with a rich white shine that works as the perfect backdrop for diamonds!


Another important factor when choosing the right metal for your ring is its compatibility with the gemstone of choice. Not all metals are compatible with all gemstones. And just like metals form the base for durability of the ring, gemstones give it vitality, richness, and meaning. The base metal you choose should be compatible with the gemstone of your choice. Diamonds generally look great when set against white metals. Similarly, gold looks best with red and emerald gems.



The design of the ring is the most visual aspect that you need to focus on. Having the right metal makes the choice of design easier. Gold and silver are soft by nature and can be made into almost any design you want. Gold alloys like white gold and rose gold are heavier than pure gold. So, you should keep its weight in mind before making a choice.

Platinum is a heavy metal and hence you need to consider its weight when you choose the design.

While there are a multitude of things to consider when choosing wedding rings, the most important factor is the wearer’s preferences. Make sure you consider the wearer’s choices, lifestyle, etc. before you select a ring.