Creative Ways Of Using Tiles

Tiles can be used for creating a number of designs in your office and house.

Wallpapers and paints are not that colorful and attractive. You either get a same color paint and a mundane texture.

You can chose a number of tiles, peel and stick mosaic wall tiles, ceramics, cement tiles for floor, wooden tiles etc.

Your taste your choice. You can decorate your house. You can do some art work as well it all depends upon your choice and creativity. The only point to ponder is reliability and efficiency.


  • Doing art work

You can break your old tiles and paste them on your painting.

There are a number of options for using those tiles. You can make a new art piece. Instead of using those boring paints you can do some mosaic work with these pieces of broken tiles.

You can also use some big tiles as frames paste your canvas on a tile and cover it with a glass sheet. The background would be  the tile.

  • Cover your pots

Cover your favorite flower pots with tiles, half or make dome pieces of a very attractive and beautifully designed tile.

You can have some unique designs, like making a cactus or creating some flowers. It will be a fun activity if you have got kids around then you all can spend a family Sunday using all these ideas for renovating your courtyard and garden.

  • Decorating your mirrors

If you have got some very big glass and mirrors at you place, get some broken tiles and marbles. Create a very iconic picture or mosaic. This mirror will be the most organic thing at your place.

  • Furnishing your porch

Here you can use brick and cement tiles. Never ever try to have ceramic or Porcelain tiles here. You can have marbles if you like to have some diffused colors or designed.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very slippery so they can be a bit risky placed at the very entrance of your house. If would recommend grey and maroon tiles you can have some designs with these two contrasts.

  • For your kitchen

Colorful, light shaded filled with designs and flowers tiles for the walls and a chess box for the floor will give your kitchen and ultimate look.

You can have some more ideas by using a contrast with the cabinets in your kitchen.

  • Renovating bathrooms

Here you can use wood tiles, they can be a bit expensive or you can go with the glass tiles as well.

Whatever tiles you are using be very sure about the water resistant property.

Wooden textured tiles are not for washrooms but in case you can not resist them then make sur that they are covered with some water resistance as well.

  • Making table top

Gone are the days when you had to place a knitted cotton cloth on your table to make it attractive.

Now you can simply put some extravagant tiles on your side table. Fix them up with a glue and your fantastic table is ready.

Best option is using marble tiles. You can also go with some broken pieces of tiles making a mosaic if you want.


Tiles are an integral part of your home décor, your creativity can bring a revival to the old and useless tiles in your store or backyard.

You do not always need to call and interior designer some times your own heart will lead you in getting the most fantastic art piece of your home. So get yourself ready for doing some upgraded works with some old products in your attic.